Final Fantasy 14"s latest development is here, with players having actually torn right into the key scenario over the previous two weeks. Countless players have actually reached the current level cap of 80, yet you can not know where to go next. If you"re all around Hunts, where execute you walk to kick turn off the new Hunts? What around doing her level 80 job quests? you can"t acquire down to that endgame grind if you don"t know where come go. There"s a many Aetheryte shuffling and also travel required to unlock everything at level 80, but we"re here to help. Here"s a list clear and also concise list of all the quests and also locations necessary for your chosen content.

Where come Unlock all the brand-new Level 70 Content

Before we obtain into the level 80 content, girlfriend might additionally need some help starting Shadowbringers for the very first time. Here"s a few quests you have to pick increase in function to gain yourself started.

Main Scenario

"The Syrcus Trench" native Tataru (Mor Dhona: 6.0, 5.9). You need to have actually complete every one of the key scenario pursuit up until this point, v the previous pursuit being job 4.56"s "A Requiem for Heroes".

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Disciples that the Land, hands-on worker of the Hand

"The Crystalline Mean" from Katliss (The Crystarium: 11.0, 8.5). This just unlocks when you complete the Shadowbringers main scenario pursuit "The Crystarium"s Resolve".


"Nuts to You" native Hume Lout (The Crystarium: 12.1, 15.0). To obtain the quest, you have to unlock the vault Clan Hunts, via the pursuit "Elite and also Dangerous". You carry out not need to have actually finished all of the higher-level Hunts indigenous the Stormblood expansion. The quest will send you to talk to Halldor (The Crystarium: 9.4, 9.4), who will actually offer you the rest of the Hunt searches as friend level up.

girlfriend can discover a an excellent deal the the unlocks in the Crystarium. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Striking Dummies (Stone, Sky, and also Sea)

Sometimes it"s worthwhile to have the ability to practice your attacks on a target the doesn"t fight back. Come unlock striking dummies in The First, you need to very first have finished the level 60 search "A to mark Opportunity" (from the Boisterous Bruiser in Idyllshire: 7.3, 6.0) and the level 70 pursuit "Another to mark Opportunity" (from Starry-eyed Ala Mhigan in Rhalgr"s Reach: 12.3, 13.1). Having actually done so will provide you access to "Yet an additional Striking Opportunity" indigenous the Weary Dockworker (Eulmore: 9.2, 9.9).

know your role. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Where to Unlock the brand-new Role Quests

If you"re wondering whereby to at first unlock the new jobs, Gunbreaker and also Dancer, girlfriend can check out our other overview on that topic. This section will sheathe the function quests, i m sorry is a chain of quests coming every 2 levels native 70 to 80, based on your role (Tank, Healer, physical DPS, Magic DPS). Among these chains must be finished in bespeak to finish Shadowbringers" main scenario, and also actually administer further story highlights. The starting quests in these duty stories will just unlock once you finish the main scenario search "Warrior the Darkness", at level 71, ~ visiting Kholusia and also Amh Araeng.

Role: Tank (Warrior, Paladin, Dark Knight, and Gunbreaker)

"The male with Too many Scars" from Granson (The Crystarium: 10.5, 16.2). This chain ends with the pursuit "To have actually Loved and Lost".

Role: Healer (White Mage, Astrologian, and also Scholar)

"Traditions and also Travails" native Giott (The Crystarium: 10.7, 15.4). This chain ends v the pursuit "The soul of Temperance".

Role: physics DPS (Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, Samurai, Bard, Machinist, Dancer)

"No greater Sport" from Lue-Reeq (The Crystarium: 10.8, 15.9). This chain ends through the quest "Courage Born that Fear".

Role: wonder DPS (Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage

"Hollow Pursuits" native Cerigg (The Crystarium: 11.2, 15.2). This chain ends with the quest "A Tearful Reunion".

Dance favor you typical it. | Mike Williams/USG, Square Enix

Where come Unlock the new Level 80 job Quests

This section will cover the level 80 job quests, which can be done after your Stormblood expansion level 70 job quest, her final function quest, and the key scenario pursuit "Shadowbringers". These pursuits will usually require you to jump earlier to the old world, continuing storylines indigenous previous final Fantasy 12 content.

Paladin: "Worth Fighting For" from Jenlyns (Ul"dah actions of Thal: 10.8, 11.1)
Warrior: "Once, Twice, 3 Times a Warrior" native Curious canyon (Eastern La Noscea: 30.6, 22.9)
Dark Knight: "Our Closure" indigenous Sidurgu (Foundation: 13.3, 12.0)
Gunbreaker: "Gunblades of the Patriots" from Radovan (Mor Dhona: 21.8, 8.2)
White Mage: "Whence the healing Springs" indigenous Raya-o-senna (South Shroud: 18.6, 27.1)
Scholar: "True Beauty" from Alka Zolka (Limsa Lominsa top Decks: 11.1, 6.2)
Astrologian: "Love, Astrologically" indigenous Jannequinard (The Pillars: 15.2, 10.0)
Monk: "A Monk"s Legacy" indigenous Erik (Ul"dah measures of Thal: 10.6, 13.1)
Dragoon: "Gone but Not Forgiven" indigenous Alberic (Coerthas main Highlands: 25.8, 28.3)
Ninja: "Oboro"s large Idea" native Oboro (Eastern La Noscea: 5.9, 6.1)
Samurai: "The Legend that Musosai" indigenous Makoto (Kugane: 13.8, 8.0)
Bard: "A Harmony indigenous the Heavens" indigenous Jehantel (South Shroud: 21.8, 21.3)
Machinist: "Machinists because that the Morrow" indigenous Stephanivien (Foundation: 8.1, 10.1)
Dancer: "Rising to the Occasion" from Nashmeira (Limsa Lominsa reduced Decks: 9.1, 15.1)
Black Mage: "A home for a Tome" native Lalai (Ul"dah actions of Thal: 12.9, 13.5)
Summoner: "To Be 2nd Best" from Y"mhitra (Old Gridania: 10.9, 6.3)
Red Mage: "Succession the Steel" from Arya (Mor Dhona: 22.5, 7.9)

Where to Unlock the Level 80 experienced Dungeons

Once you"ve finished off the key scenario of Shadowbringers, you"re not entirely done through the expansion itself. There"s an expert dungeon roulette that"s still wait to be filled out. You"ll acquire one the the dungeons, Amaurot, because that finishing the key scenario. There"s still one more two dungeons the are external the confines of the main story though.

How come Unlock The Twinning

The first dungeon is referred to as the Twinning. A Crystarium guard named Bethana (The Crystarium: 9.2, 11.2) desires you help exploring the hallways of the decision Tower itself. The search she gives is referred to as "By the moment You hear This". Expropriate it and it"ll unlock the Twinning in your Duty Finder.

How to Unlock Akadaemia Anyder

The 2nd dungeon call for a tiny bit an ext work 보다 the first, but it"s tho pretty simple. Over in the slums that Eulmore, you"ll uncover a character dubbed the Overwrought Ondo (Eulmore/The Derelicts: 12.9, 12.4). The fish guy will market you the search "Akadaemia Anyder," which is likewise coincidentally the name of the dungeon. There"s a vicious beast that"s threaten his people, and also only you can help.

His pleas will certainly send you to the office of the Administrator, in the old city that Amaurot. Over there an governmental Clerk (The Tempest: 21.4, 26.8) will certainly tell you the the beast likely came native Akadaemia Anyder, and point you in the direction of an academic. Talking to the Akadaemia scholastic (The Tempest: 20.0, 33.0) will open up the dungeon itself in her Duty Finder.

All 3 dungeons will offer you a leg up top top grinding the end those Tomestones that Goetia.

How come Unlock the too much Trials

Another fairly large part the endgame is fighting the harder, too much versions of existing Trials. Once you"ve completed the main scenario of Shadowbringers, you can open increase these difficult encounters. Lot like previous excessive Trials, there"s a particular Minstrel the you"ll desire to look for out.

Over in the Crystarium, over there stands a Minstreling Wanderer (The Crystarium: 7.5, 12.5), an additional version that the hike Minstrel. He"ll offer you the pursuit "Minstrel from another Mother," which will open up Duty Finder accessibility to The Dancing pester (Extreme) and also The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme), which room the respective extreme Trials for Titania and Innocence. And if girlfriend need aid beating those Trials, friend can examine out ours guides for The dance Plague and also The Crown of the Immaculate, i m sorry cover the normal and also Extreme editions.

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