Monster Hunter World functions a lot of of little nods and also a huge number of objectives as you head out into the game's various zones, and some stand out an ext than others. Among the stranger objectives involves Lumps that Meat, and also this particular vital item mirrors up in the five-star search "The Meat the the Matter" in the Rotten Vale.

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But what's the best means to finish your target of carrying the meat to your objective come scoop increase the reward? Well, let's obtain into that - an initial off with picture of the location of the Lumps the Meat in the Rotten Vale area the Monster Hunter World:

Survival in the Rotten Vale have the right to be a struggle, yet our guides will make the easier:


Lumps that Meat: how to deliver meat because that the Meat of the issue quest in Monster Hunter World

Right - you know exactly how we dubbed this a move quest earlier on? Well, that refers to a specific kind of pursuit in Monster Hunter world - a quest many widely connected with Wyvern Eggs and Herbivore Eggs. These egg searches require girlfriend steal one egg from the monster it belong to, but the quest is an overwhelming because once you nab the egg the monsters walk wild and try to follow you down. Although Lumps of Meat space obviously not an egg, because that the objectives of Monster Hunter lock shall it is in treated specifically the same - your goal is come steal them and spirit each Lump that Meat far from the monsters guarding them.

If you're planning to tackle the 5-star search "The Meat that the Matter", girlfriend can find your desired carrion in Area 13, as pictured above. It should be a fairly pain-free task as lengthy as you have currently discovered the main Camp in Area 11. It's a quick distance from wherein you can deliver your meat to the camp, and should make gathering the lumps a breeze!

If you're having actually trouble with this pursuit or any type of other transport quests, another important guideline would it is in to handmade the Kulu Ya Ku's "Kulu Vambraces" all versions of the armor item in both short Rank and High rank come v Pro Transporter, which boosts your running rate while delivering items and helps protect versus dropping them! This armor item is one absolute need to if you're having actually any difficulty finishing these quests.

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To handmade the armor piece in short Rank will call for 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku Scales, 1 Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide, and also 3 iron Ore. High location variants will collection you back 4 Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+'s, 2 Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+'s, and also 3 Carbalite Ore.