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The Speràdo household line possesses a secret: shadow magic. But it's been 100 years due to the fact that someone last wielded it. As soon as Marquis Speràdo tries come sacrifice Leslie for she favored sisters Ellie, little does he know that this awakens the power of darkness in her instead. To escape she family's greed and also abuse, Leslie's the end to do a deal with the Monstrous Duke: embrace her, and her powers will be in ~ the duke's disposal. Will certainly Leslie escape her parents' devilish grip, or succumb come their evil exploits?Original WebtoonOfficial Translation:Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian...

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The Speràdo family members line possesses a secret: shadow magic. Yet it's to be 100 years due to the fact that someone critical wielded it. Once Marquis Speràdo tries to sacrifice Leslie for she favored sister Ellie, tiny does he understand that this awakens the power of darkness in she instead. Come escape she family's greed and abuse, Leslie's the end to do a address the Monstrous Duke: take on her, and also her powers will be at the duke's disposal. Will certainly Leslie escape her parents' devilish grip, or succumb to their angry exploits?Original WebtoonOfficial Translation:Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Thai, IndonesianLess...

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Canavar Düşes ve Sözleşmeli PrensesKsiężna Potworów ns Księżniczka KontraktuL'enfant des ténèbresLa duchesse monstrueuse et la dame du contractLa duchesse monstrueuse et la princesse par contratLa duquesa monstruosa y la princesa del contratoPutri Kontrak dan Duchess MonsterThe Monster Duchess and also Contract PrincessThe Monster Duchess and the Contract LadyThe Monster Duchess and also the Contract PrincessWitch's CounterattackКнягиня чудовищ и принцесса по контрактуداچس هیولا مانند و شاهزادهی قراردادیดัชเชสปีศาจกับพันธสัญญาบุตรสาว怪物公爵と契約公女魔女的逆袭魔女的逆袭 Witch's Counterattack魔女的逆襲괴물 공작가의 계약 공녀
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130 Chapters (Ongoing)2 volumes (Ongoing) S1: 60 Chapters (Complete) 1~60S2: 70 Chapters (Complete) 61~130S3/Side Story: TBA

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In the beginning, I never ever thought I'd involved one day drop this. I've concerned adore the FL and her new family. The start was amazing, but roughly chapter 70-80 the plot started dragging and also that's wherein it began to get boring. The felt as if ns was scrolling v chapters an ext than i was actually analysis it. And that's as soon as I knew I had to make a difficult decision. That seems choose things are picking up again roughly chapter 100, but if I'm barely analysis through 30 or therefore chapters simply to gain there, it makes no sense. Unfortunately, this is among those stories that starts with a bang however then falls like a feather.... Last updated on September 27th, 2021, 6:29pm
The young, malnourished Leslie to be born to it is in a human sacrifice for she older sister in order to fully awaken the sister's black color magic. Thus, in spite of being the noble blood, she to be a living mystery treated worse than a wild animal by her organic family. Supposedly Leslie should be melted in a black color fire after she turns ten years old because that the transport of power to effectively go to her older sister. However instead of dying prefer her predecessors, Leslie triggered her own magical awakening in the fire. No hope to survive, she runs turn off to the Monstress Duchess, head that the most powerful household in the empire. She uses her powers in exchange for your protection and also eventual revenge; thus starts a journey of self-healing and growth under the tutelage that the duchess. Back the magical setting for the story is intriguing, the plot really just boils under to observing the life the a formerly-abused child adopted by powerful-cool-feminist-icon. The villains that this story are an extremely predictably she family and groups that oppose the monstress duchess, and they are shown with zero redeeming qualities. Nonetheless, it's quite amusing come see exactly how shameless the villainy gets. The key protagonists and also colorful art layout are this manhwa's strengths. Ns adore the whole duchess' family members including your servants. Unfortunately, the creating does fall quick of amazing, and also the story has tendency to skip over specific plot aspects to rate up pacing. Us don't acquire a lot of of detail on Leslie's powers. They keep gaining alluded to, however it seems they room not the story's focus.Up until chapter 60, this is greatly a feel-good story illustrating a pitiful child lastly receiving stability and also love. The story it s okay really amazing after that as the plot dives more into the lore surrounding the empire.This story seems really focused top top the emotional facets but autumn the ball as soon as it comes to world-building. Yet perhaps the will change with time! I have hope. I'm excited to view where this goes indigenous here.... Critical updated ~ above July 19th, 2020, 4:48am