The many trusted guide for helping students review critically and write carefully.

The Norton advent to Literature, Portable Edition, supplies an affordable and also diverse selection of standard and contemporary literature, the most closely edited apparatus for examining texts and writing thoughtfully, and a wider, an ext accessible variety of student and instructor media. Every this, plus a customizable publish option, do it a perfect fit for any kind of course.

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About the Author:

Kelly J. Mays has actually taught writing and literature courses for 25 year ― in ~ Stanford college (where she earned she Ph.D.), in the Harvard Expository composing Program, at new Mexico State University, and also (since 2001) at the college of Nevada ras Vegas, where she is currently an associate Professor that English. A British literary works specialist whose work-related has showed up in victor Studies, victorian Poetry, critical Inquiry, and other major scholarly journals, she is right now at work-related on a book exploring when and also why nineteenth-century Britons began to brand their age, your literature, and even us "Victorian."

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