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It"s just me and also my niggas, liquor and also a pair bad girlsLiving in this fucking foolish worldWith no are afraid for the tears it"s a are afraid niggas below they reveal when I"m coming ago EarlSweatshirt, yes sir this is life and it gets worseBut you constantly come back from the depth curedAnd if somebody want to host me back Imma eat it prefer Lector, lets workCause I"m coming with the fear of GodNot trying to it is in something the is clear or notI"m simply trying to obtain the whole world with your hands up choose I"m summoning a soul bombMan it feels so good, nigga no stressI"m goin" to flex on beats til there"s no leftI"m so blessed reason I put in job-related at the appropriate time buzzin" reason they listen to my whole setOh yes, oh yes, oh yes, ns rap to beastRap skills something prefer the best you"ve seenAnd everything going to job-related out so ns tell castle naysayers they have the right to all go remainder in peaceMy recipe"s because that successFeels like destiny and also love metWhen mine album drops, mine competition is absolutely upsetSo come along for the drive (We gonna ride tonight)The ride (It don’t matter if we die tonight)The drive (The world gonna see united state fly tonight due to the fact that we live tonight and we drive tonight)The rideUh, and I love lifeTil this niggas come down reason I"m uprightAnd stand up for the appropriate to live cause I"m a was standing up kid who abandoned the thug lifeAnd i ain"t trynna be a goon or killerI"m simply trying to be a dude v a slew of villainsAnd I"m make the efforts to obtain it soonCause anyone assumes if doom "em in your youth then you death a niggaMove a little, that am I supposed to liveIt"s my life and it"s all I gained left come giveBut i fight just sufficient to get that extra hitIt"s my night ns write with the penmanship regularly men v the temperature frequently million centigradeSaid the declare I finest get sent out to graveThey publication me reason they recognize that ns bend the pageAnd rip shit obtain thin v a pen to play withAnd I began to end and make itKnown, that you MVPs spitting STDs reason I test your patienceAmen to the god of rapAnd since A came in my autographSo G lock be choose "Aw snap"Cause Anon put three up on the mapSo come along for the ride (We gonna drive tonight)The ride (It don’t issue if we die tonight)The ride (The whole human being gonna see united state fly this evening ‘cause us live tonight and also we drive tonight)Tonight