It bring away a many to fear me in a movie these days. ~ watching countless horror films for the past decade and also a half, something really needs to make an effort to do me jump.

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Of course, there have been numerous “jump” moments that have obtained my goat, in spite of my loved one nerves that steels. End the years, i tried come look back and record the specific moment in which ns was the most scared in a provided film. Sometimes this is a jump, various other times it’s simply something disturbing, however I have actually a hunch a couple of of these room universal.

Check the end my eight choose below, and if you have actually your own, do let me know in the comments! 

1. The Closet (The Ring)


Oh god, I’m having actually panic strikes just looking in ~ this. As soon as I first saw The Ring, mine friends and I had gained there late so we were grounding in the former row. That expected every moment of the movie consumed my entire field that vision, this one included. This didn’t show up with a large jolt of music. Rather, they merely slipped the in to a casual conversation throughout the film and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cumulative gasp this according to in a theatre before.

2. The face (Lord that the Rings)


Yeah, don’t even act like this one didn’t obtain you. Among the only non-horror films here, this was something the was merely so unforeseen in mr of the Rings, the got every one of us. Bilbo acquire Gollum-face for a brief moment as soon as lusting after the ring, and it freaked the hell the end of everyone that didn’t suppose such a point in a together a calm scene.

3. The Girl (Sixth Sense)


God, The Sixth feeling is complete of these. I could have picked any kind of of them, native the hanging in the school, the biker exterior the car, the mrs in the kitchen. But man, little Mischa Barton vomiting has really stayed with me every this time.

4. The Creeper (Strangers)


I really choose The Strangers, even if the is miscellaneous of a forgettable horror film. That did the totality stalking serial killer very well, much far better than most films that do the efforts it. This minute where the confront simply emerges from the shadows, climate retreats to be the many heartstopping of the film in mine opinion.

5. The Fling (Paranormal)


You might not have the ability to tell what the hell is going on here, yet this is the specific moment whereby I almost had a heart attack at the end of Paranormal Activity. In the Spielberg cut, you’re shown an north hallway once suddenly the key character that the movie is thrown in ~ the camera, knocking that over. For a movie with nearly no activity for ninety minutes, it’s terrifying, and the original modify of the finishing isn’t practically as intense.

6. The corner (Blair Witch)


We’re going way back right here now, and also this isn’t a jump minute necessarily, however tell me this picture hasn’t stayed with you because you watched this film. That plays right into the lore that the movie, one stands the corner while the other is killed, and made the finishing of the film incredibly cryptic and memorable.

7. The Basement (The Road)


Perhaps this wasn’t one still, quite a couple of brief seconds, yet holy shit to be this terrifying. The roadway is a reasonably quiet film most of the film, yet when Man and also Boy stumbled top top this basement wherein naked people were kept as new cannibal meat, it was the many unsettling minute of the entire movie.

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8. The Hallway (The Exorcist III)


This isn’t one that ns was going to incorporate initially as I haven’t viewed this movie, yet after the town hall a clip the this scene on YouTube, ns knew I had to incorporate it here. If a completely out of context clip deserve to terrify you on a small laptop screen, I deserve to only imagine what this would have been prefer in theaters.