This totality time, Emma Stone"s been one of our favorite characters on the Suite Life the Zack & Cody and we never ever knew it. We"re talking prior to Easy A or House Bunny even, earlier when the Sprouse twins had actually shoulder-length locks. (I know! #Throwback)

In 2005, once Emma go by her real name Emily, she voiced Ivana Tipton because that one illustration of the first season the Suite Life. That"s right, she play the grasp of shade and also arguably the most spoiled inhabitant of the Tipton Hotel — London"s an extremely high-maintenance Pomeranian.

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For the rest of the series, London"s pet only communicated by barking — even on the other end of a hot pink, sparkly cell phone. Subtitles were provided for united state mere humans. Ivana just spoke through a human voice when talking to other dogs, and also that"s where Emma came in.

The illustration "Crushed" developed a Romeo & Juliet-esque romance through the Tiptons" most treasured companions. London set up she purebred with an additional well-to-do Pomeranian of royal ancestry. However the imperial pup"s canine charms could not victory Ivana"s love or immunity from she cheeky comebacks, as voiced by the Superbad actress. ~ above the various other hand, Scamp — the scruffy mutt the Maddie Fitzpatrick (awww, baby Ashley Tisdale!) — does, and also the rest of the illustration is committed to their an enig love. Take a peek:

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Unfortunately, the episode appears to be Emma"s just cameo ~ above the series, however she has an additional doggy-themed gig through Disney in the works. She is set to play Cruella De Vil in the upcoming live-action work again, please again of 101 Dalmatians.

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