“The worst thing in the civilization can happen, but the next day the sun will come up. And also you will eat her toast. And you will certainly drink her tea.” -Rhian Ellis, after Life


When I review Ellis’s estimates from her publication “After Life”, ns was therefore awestruck. Her words surprisingly carried a light when I was at mine low allude in life. And when i have poor moments, I keep reminding myself of her quotes. At a first glance, her price quotes doesn’t it seems ~ to have actually such a great meaning, yet if us take time and also ponder top top it, us may discover a good wisdom behind it. I’d favor to have actually a speak on her quotes. It simply means that as soon as we struck by adversities of life, also if the feels favor the worst thing in the world, and we simply feel like it is the finish of the world, the is not. Humans have a tendency to focus too much on their problem rather than discover a equipment for it. Periodically we are too recorded up in the chaos of our life that we forget the human being is tho here. That isn’t go away. Life still goes on. The sun still rises. Well, our difficulties may i can not use been fixed yet, but hey “life walk on, darling”. Also if girlfriend felt choose drowning, life quiet goes on. If you failed to accomplish your goals, life tho goes on. If you lost civilization you love, life still goes on. There are more uncountable ifs follows by native “life tho goes on”. What does the mean? so what, if life go on? It way that there’s quiet tomorrow, and also the job after tomorrow, and the work after the day after tomorrow, the we call a future.

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We should start to check out a brand-new day as an possibility to be a much better person 보다 we were yesterday, and also to resolve our mistakes no issue how large they are, due to the fact that there’s still tomorrow, right? You deserve to be sad and also weep because that a tiny while, or regret her wrong decision in life, yet don’t spend too lot time apartment in your sorrow, since you can constantly make that alright tomorrow. As lengthy as the sunlight still come up tomorrow, you can constantly have the chance to make your life the means you’ve always wanted it come be. You have actually to try to be optimistic, expropriate your flaws and also then shot each work to rest it.

Ellis’ estimates have a sort of magnetic pressure that cd driver me to be an optimist. Added with native “and you will certainly eat her toast, and also you will certainly drink her tea”, it renders my love warm. I frequently feel like I haven’t completed much in my life. I feel prefer a complete mediocre person. I regularly ask to myself “when will my time for greatness come?” or “why am I bad at this thing, the thing, and also blah lol blah”, the list have the right to goes on and on. But Ellis’ price quotes reminds me that those times will come. Those joyful and elated feelings will come, as soon as tomorrow comes. I’d prefer to to express “toast” and “tea” together happiness.

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So, if I put the an interpretation of the quotes together, it will certainly be “the worst point in the world can happen, however you still have actually tomorrows, because of this you can find happiness”. Oh dear, exactly how sweet it is.