The word of God is a truly impressive gift. Over there is therefore much contained in even a solitary verse the we could study it, meditate ~ above it, review it and also read that again, and still find new kernels the truth, inspiration, comfort and guidance in those same few words. The parable the the ten virgins is simply one such passage of scripture that supplies so much.

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It touch on a hope the is central to every believer – the certain and specific knowledge the our beloved saviour will certainly return as King the Kings. The ten virgins obviously room a type of the bride the Christ, awaiting the comes the Bridegroom. This is broadly taught, and I think couple of Christians are unaware the this certain meaning, or of the implication the we should prepare ourselves because that His coming.

What is sometimes overlooked, however, is the there is Christ’s ‘side that the story.’ Yes, we await His coming again. But the other, less preached truth, is the Christ is waiting for His bride to be all set – spotless and without blemish. This add to a wonderful and an important dimension come this renowned parable. While the church stays distracted by the world, when our attention is no wholly focused on Him, if we continue to follow our very own paths, desires and also purposes, we space in fact contributing come the wait. On one hand us cry, ‘come, lord Jesus, come,’ and on the other our plot say, ‘wait, mr Jesus, wait.’ It’s a sobering thought.

The main thrust of the parable is, that course, of gift ‘ready,’ and also much is taught about the requirement of maintaining the oil filled. The oil is, of course, the divine Spirit. The all seems terribly obvious, doesn’t it? But, in search understanding, I uncovered some amazingly simple truths and also imagery that include so much to this parable, as well as the an ext obvious reference about ‘a lamp to mine feet’ and also ‘a irradiate shining in the darkness,’ implying, of course, the without the good lamp (the irradiate of the World) these ten virgins had no hope of walk anywhere. If they want the Bridegroom, they had actually to have actually a lamp.

Now ~ above the interesting. A desk lamp cannot duty effectively there is no both oil and a an excellent wick. There have to be both. The wick – words – is the component that provides the light, but it’s useless without oil. Come illustrate, for a wick to burn effectively, it need to be thoroughly soaked in oil. Remember the Jesus said worship should be ‘Spirit and also Truth?’ They work-related together. Take it one out of the equation, and also you have nothing. It’s in reality the oil the burns, not the wick, but without a wick the oil would certainly ignite. Without words to ‘ground’ the Spirit, you end up the explosive, potentially devastating mania the is prevalent in so many churches. The emphasis is just on the Spirit. Without the Word, it’s every to easy to be deceived and to go off ~ above what seems prefer a super-spiritual tangent of exaggeration or experience.

However, because that the wick (Word) come burn as it should, it requirements to be extensively soaked in oil. You must never irradiate a dry wick. It will certainly burn ‘smoky’ and unevenly, and also will never attain its full potential. What a class this is for united state – have actually you ever before wondered where spiritual rituals and also inflexible, fabricated doctrine come from? It’s from dealing with the Word favor a ‘dry wick.’ Word and Spirit occupational together. Consider the production of the world – by the Word, through the Spirit. The word is empowered by the Spirit. They space not interchangeable. The word is inspired by the Spirit, and removing the soul – His teaching, guidance, revelation and also conviction – pipeline us with the dry rhetoric the denies the ministry of the divine Spirit. Can you watch the 2 extremes that space both widespread in the human body of the Bride?

Finally, let’s take a look at the simple act the ‘trimming the wick,’ one i m sorry I’ve never heard had on any type of teaching top top this parable. Firstly, as a wick burns, it collection ‘gumph’ along the height – the charred, dead edge. This relates come ‘familiarity’ through the Word, and also by that I mean our complacency. We have tendency to slide into a comfort zone. We know enough of the word to obtain by. We can quote a grasp of Scripture because that various common situations, and also we begin to take this because that granted. There’s no brand-new growth, our knowledge becomes stale and commonplace, and also we’re not stretching ourselves spiritually. ~ a while, our ‘flame’ burns a tiny smoky, but because it’s acquainted stuff us don’t recognise it. It’s a sluggish slide, and also before we recognize it our discernment (the brightness that the light) is compromised to a suggest where deception can creep in.

Secondly, that seems plenty of users avoid cutting the wicks. Rather, they obstacle off the burnt end, ensuring that it’s smooth and also even. I believe this relates come our partnership with the rest of the body – those world who often tend to rub united state up the dorn way, that aren’t have to our first choice for company, or those who an obstacle us come learn and grow and develop. None of this is comfortable, yet it’s crucial to save that flame burning the means it should. People and situations obstacle off the ‘dead bits’ and keep the wick clean and efficient.

Thirdly, agreement seems come be that a wick trimmed to a sharp central point burns the best. This shape appears to create the ideal flame – that burns ’round,’ providing the cleanest light. Doesn’t this make you think of words of God being ‘sharper 보다 a two-edged sword?’ We need to continually store the native honed in us, keep the edge clean and free from gathered encrustations. We need to continually inspect it come ensure that we haven’t gathered things that are incorrect, that don’t belong, that weaken the flame.

Finally, a really interesting point – a wick should never be turned up as well high. ~ above the surface, this appears counterproductive. Certain a higher flame provides a better light? for a short period, yes, this may well it is in true. However it doesn’t last, and also before long you’ll uncover the flame smokes and the chimney clouds up, and the irradiate is a shadow of what it should be. The message right here is the the slow, steady flame is the one that endures. A wick turned also high burns oil at a quicker rate, but it burns it through diminishing effect. There is, ns believe, a warning here for believers to walk in the right balance between Word and also Spirit. It’s a human tendency to desire to feel and also experience. This appears so much an ext exciting, an ext alive, much more intriguing, however it’s an extreme burst that spiritual energy that shortly engenders much more problems 보다 intended. It is balance in ours Christian walk that keeps the fire burning constantly, brightly sufficient to dispel the darkness, and long sufficient to stay the distance.

The an enig is to to fill the oil and trim the wick. Christ is wait for His bride as eagerly together the bride waits for Him. Yet until we, the church, learn to take proper care of ours lamps, fill them through oil and also rightly trim the wicks, we’ll discover ourselves wait a while. Oil and wick work-related together. Us cannot exclude one in favour of the other, nor need to we give excessive attention to either exterior of their particular purpose. Ours future depends on it.

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Lord, teach me and help me so that I can keep my lamp in order. Aid me to it is in a good, clean light, to accomplish the objective You have actually for me, so the I can look front to your coming in faith and joy. Show me what I should trim, or as soon as I disregard my wick or mine oil, or as soon as I focus on one in ~ the price of the other. Teach me balance in my walk through You, so the I may endure and rejoice in ~ the hour of your coming.