This quest deserve to be initiated in one of two ways, either uncover Aeramas’ exit Manor the end in the country to the east of Oxenfurt or find the shop in the Gildorf district of Novigrad and also buy the Lizard Figurine.

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The Gildor shop have the right to be uncovered two structure south of the Passiflora, near to the southerly side the St. Gregory’s Bridge.


The merchant here sells a few quest items however the just one concerned this quest is the Lizard Figurine. To buy it and also head the end or go back to the abandoned manor.

When you uncover the manor walk up the stairs to the second floor whereby you’ll discover a chest through the Diagram: magnified Feline Armor.

Walk earlier down and investigate the magic one on the main floor. If you have the Lizard Figurine you’ll have the ability to activate the portal. Action through to get in Aeramas’ Chamber.

Chamber that Cheese


Aeramas was a Tyromancer, a diviner that cheese! regrettably it stinks and you’ll should work your way through the mazy of stinky cheese come the other side. Aard or Igni will not occupational to eliminate the gift toxin.

On othe various other side make your way up and also proceed come the following area. Continue along the path to a dead end. Look closely at the tiles to uncover a method to activate another portal. Head through and also then go down to the water. Dive in and swim follow me the north passage.

Aeramas’ Laboratory

Climb up the various other side and jump throughout the damaged bridge. At this point a Foglet might attack. Death it and head right into the main component of the laboratory.

Inside the laboratoy you’ll find a Bull Figurine and Aeramas’ Notes. If you have The Eye that Nehaleni you deserve to use the to uncover an illusory wall. Behind that is much more loot and random diagrams. As soon as you’re done activate yet another portal to go to the final room.

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Inside this room you’ll view a wonder barrier. Usage Igni on the pyramid come the right and the barrier will lower. Head up the procedures for the stole sword, The Emmentaler, and also loot the chest because that the line Figurine come activate the final portal. The portal behind the statue will certainly take you back to the abandoned manor.