Earlier in the overview we take it a diversion to start this quest during “The Beast of Toussaint, yet if girlfriend haven’t started this quest yet, you can do therefore now:


Open your map and look northwest of the Tourney Grounds to spot a lake/island recursion - an island within a lake, through a body of water top top the island, in this case. Or, to be crude, a donut-shaped island. Put a quest marker (/) ~ above the human body of water ~ above the island in the lake and make a beeline there. Friend shouldn’t come throughout any monsters, map mite or special occasions along the way.

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Talk come the druid in ~ the inexplicable lake come learn around a most potent treasure (left), climate search part stones to learn about the 5 knightly virtues (right).

Once you reach the island, walk the end onto the pond in the middle of it. Yes, you check out that best - go ON the water. After ~ a little of spiritual humor, head over to the hermit who is sitting on a little fleck of land in the center of this pond (an island in a pond in one island in a lake on a continent surrounding by the sea? That’s a lot of recursions…) and talk come him come learn about the lake and the prize it holds. Every you should do is prove the you own the five chivalric virtues of Generosity, Valor, Compassion, Honor and also Wisdom. To learn a bit an ext about them, you can consult part stones phibìc of the lake. The point of this endeavor? basic - now that you have this quest, you’ll be able to keep track of your actions more easily and ensure you prove your virtue. Opportunities to execute this will certainly arise - and will be discussed - as you complete quests in Toussaint.

The five Knightly Virtues¶

If you’ve been complying with this guide, you’ve had actually the opportunity to prove girlfriend possess each of the five knightly virtues over the food of the quests and also exploration covered for this reason far. As a refresher, this were:

Of course, if you didn’t prove you have actually all the virtues already, never ever fear! over there are an ext opportunities, however you’ll obviously need to postpone completing this pursuit for now in stimulate to complete other searches where these methods arise. A more comprehensive list of all the opportunities for proving you own the five knightly virtues have the right to be discovered below:

During the quest The Beast that Toussaint you’ll have to fight a rampaging Shaelmar. Defeat it, then select to preventive it to prove you possess the virtue of COMPASSION.
During the search Goodness Gracious good Balls the Granite!, as soon as you track under the location of Reginald’s stones friend can choose to permit Hughes store them unlimited (respond through “Fine.”). This proves you own the virtue that COMPASSION.
During the quest large Game Hunter, usage Axii on the trapped Panther to complimentary it without having to fight it. ~ escorting count Beledal around he’ll invite girlfriend to an exploration of his works. Accept by saying “Sure, why not.”, and at said exhibition once you’re talk to Beledal be certain to ask him “Your daughter, how’s she doing? come prove you have actually the virtue of COMPASSION.

During the quest Warble that a Smitten Knight, as soon as you room registering for the tourney, enter as Geralt the Rivia. ~ the race you’ll be challenged by Prince Anseis to a duel. Defeat him come prove you own the virtue of HONOR.
During the quest Goodness Gracious an excellent Balls the Granite! you’ll must recover Reginald’s stones and give them earlier to the art Curator. Perform this through responding to Hughes v either “Willing to loan them come you.” or “Nope. Need to take ’em.” either way, when you have Reginald’s stones, provide them back to the art Curator to prove you own the virtue that HONOR.
During the search Till fatality Do you Part, resolve the search by siding v whichever spouse friend wish, then return to Charles Lanzano and also tell the the fact by saing “Actually, simply a marital spat.” come prove you own the virtue of HONOR.

During the search The Beast the Toussaint, get the vital from the gold Fish and the Clue from the Horn the a “Unicorn”, then speak to Anna Henrietta and respond to the riddle with “It’s a greenhouse!” to prove you possess the virtue of WISDOM.
During the pursuit Father knows Worst, after rescuing Hugo, escort him the end of the cave. As you’re around to exit, respond come Hugo’s pertains to with “No one dies. Not today.” will prove you possess the virtue the WISDOM.
Win the Gwent tournament throughout the search Gwent: To whatever - Turn, Turn, Tournament! come prove you possess the virtue of WISDOM.

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Assuming you’ve perfect those tasks and also proven you possess the five knightly virtues together deeds epitomize, head earlier to the island/lake recursion northwest of the Tourney Grounds. In the tiny bit that land at the love of the island/lake recursion you’ll discover the hermit waiting for you. Speak to him and also he’ll disappointed you by informing you there’s one much more trial prior to you can claim your prize; possessing the 5 knightly virtues isn’t sufficient on the own, you should prove you yourself martially competent sufficient to wield the blade.