The an initial level that the video game is also called Rip & Tear. It’d be basic to imagine such a phrase is merely setting the tone for a violent, brutal game, and while that’s true, it’s also pulled directly from that comic exit in 1996!

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The premise entails the common Doom Marine, referred to as Flynn “Fly” Taggart in the spin-off books but no in the games themselves, quickly slaying a collection of demons with the help of the berserker item. In Doom, the berserker makes the player exceptionally powerful, allowing them come demolish—or, say, rip and also tear!!!!!!—enemies using just their fists.

It’s a damaging comic, and was apparently never ever sold in ~ retail; that was provided out as a promotional item at some video game convention. (It’s not clear i beg your pardon one, perhaps E3?) however Doomworld makes that sound choose a hilarious read:

“One the my many favorite parts in the comic is as soon as the naval inadvertently drops into part radioactive sludge and suddenly, in the middle of a huge killing spree, starts come preach about how people are damaging the environment and also how we’ll be leaving a destroyed planet come our children and our children’s children. The totality panel is together a arbitrarily segment from the rest of the comic, which offers wholesome household fun (in the form of killing shit) and then goes off on a tangential environmental crusade, albeit a nice half-assed one.”