Anagram clues will usually say "This anagram reveals who to speak to next." then give you a set of scrambled letters. Unscrambling these letters will give the name of a game character to speak to. Sometimes these characters will give you a puzzle box or challenge scroll you must solve to continue the treasure trail. Below is a list of known Anagrams and their solutions.ClueSolutionLocationChallengeA BASSabaCave North West of Burthope, not marked on minimap.

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NoneACE MATCH ELMCam the CamelAl Kharid.Puzzle BoxAHA JARJaraahDuel Arena EntranceNoneAN PAINT TONICCaptain NintoCaptain Ninto in the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain. Fishing Contest quest required.Puzzle BoxARC O LINECarolineIn or around Witchaven, depending on quests.Challenge ScrollARR! SO I AM A CRUST, AND?Ramaru du CroissantPiscatoris Fishing ColonyPuzzle BoxA ZEN SHEZeneshaThe Ardougne Marketplace Platebody shop.Puzzle BoxBAIL TRIMSBrimstailCave by the South West corner of the Gnome Stronghold.NoneBY LOOKBolkoyUpstairs in the Tree Gnome Village.Challenge ScrollC ON GAME HOCGnome CoachCircling the Gnomeball field at the Gnome Stronghold.Challenge ScrollDT RUN BBrundtRellekka Longhall.Challenge ScrollEL OWLoweThe Ranged shop in Varrock.NoneGOBLIN KERNKing BolrenTree Gnome VillageNoneGOT A BOYGabootyMiddle of Tai-Bwo-Wannai.Challenge ScrollGULAG RUNUglug NarJiggigPuzzle BoxHALT USLuthasIn between the bananas and ship on Musa Point.NoneHATEDDeathDeath"s Hourglass (by Draynor Lodestone).NoneHE DO POSE. IT IS CULTRRL, MK?Riki the sculptor"s modelKeldagrim Puzzle BoxICY FEFycieRantz Cave, by the coast South East of Gu’Tanoth and North of Oo’glog.NoneI EAT ITS CHART HINTS DO UShiratti the CustodianNardahPuzzle BoxI FAFFY RUNFairy NuffThe Fairy Realm or the Fairy Queens Hideout.Puzzle BoxIM KROMRommikRimmington Crafting Store.Challenge ScrollLAND DOOMDOdd Old ManEast of VarrockPuzzle boxLARK IN DOGKing RoaldVarrock Castle.Challenge ScrollME IFFemiThe entrance gate to the Gnome Stronghold.NoneNOD MEDEdmondBy the North Westernmost house in East Ardougne.Challenge ScrollO BIRDZ A ZANY EN PCCap"n Izzy No-BeardBrimhavenChallenge ScrollO EASTERN WISHESSensei SeaworthTuai LeitTowers PuzzleOK COCookLumbridge Castle.Challenge ScrollOR A VILEValerioCitharede AbbeyChallenge ScrollOR ZINC FUMES WARDWizard FrumsconeWizards Guild Basement (66 Magic Needed).Puzzle BoxPEATY PERTParty PeteFalador Party Room.NonePROFS LOSE WRONG PIEProfessor OnglewipDraynor Wizard Tower.Puzzle BoxR AK MIKarimAl Kharid.Challenge ScrollREBIRTH QUAINTLY ROTBrother TranquilityMos Le"HarmlessNoneRED ART TANSTrader StanPort Sarim Docks, by the charter ships.

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Puzzle BoxSEQUIN DIRGEQueen SigridMiscellania/Etceteria.Puzzle BoxSOY DRAINYsondriaNexus (Lumbridge Swamp)Challenge ScrollWE IRK OVER NAMESAKERamokee SkinweaverPolypore Dungeon (bottom floor)NoneWINSOME LADWise Old ManDraynorNoneWINSTON LANENails NewtonTaverley LodestoneChallenge Scroll
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