There may be moments as soon as you imagine a life through minimal interference from technical influence, away from complete inboxes and continuous notifications. ~ all, we’re living in a rapidly transforming world; it’s difficult to uncover that perfect medium where you have the right to simply enjoy a day far from the commercial buzz however still maintain a small connection come society.

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But through the newest season the the standard Three Meals a job series, the cast showcases your stripped-back way of life as they escape from the liven city life and highlight the tranquility and simplicity that a classic farming life has to offer.

Get to know Three Meals a Day: The Past

In situation you are not acquainted with the past seasons of tvN’s optimal program, this is a quick introduction.


Three Meals a Day is a reality variety show series that embraces a herbal atmosphere. The hosts and also guests of the show are directed to a home located in a countryside area; their main objective is to simply chef three meals a day. Yet just because the score is to develop three meals go not typical the residence is fully prepared for food preparation purposes; the house is composed of straightforward necessities such as a refrigerator, kitchen tools, and simple facilities (including an old television!). Still, as soon as watching the participants assemble the most basic of ingredients and construct an old timeless Korean heater out of bricks, we check out that every solitary action requires a lot of of initiative to be completed. Overall, the an interpretation of the show is basic yet the process of celebrities adapting to farm life while revealing their true personalities makes because that a relaxing watch.

Although the program’s rules room strictly imposed so as to not interfere through the celebrities’ lifestyle, Na Youngsuk PD permit the policy slip with a pair of times, providing meat or an ingredient of an option in return for advantageous labor tasks. In the earliest season, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, Lee Seojin, and also Son Hojun signed a contract come harvest 20 kilograms of sugar cane because that every 600 grams of meat. As a result, a many the scenes in the first season showed the trio in a sugar cane field, working difficult to salary off their so-called debt.

Influenced by the setting specific to each season, celebrities are often given unexpected jobs which becomes the viewer’s center of interest. For instance, in Three Meals a Day: Seaside Ranch, Lee Seojin, SHINHWA’s Eric Mun, and also Yoon Gyunsang performed day-to-day tasks the milking the cows in your ranch and also their lover goat Jackson. Through the milk, the three members created flavorful dishes choose pizza as well as numerous cups of iced coffee blended with the affluent scent that goat milk. The stars produced mouthwatering meals such together steamed kimchi and pork back ribs through fresh vegetables and fruits native their an useful garden⁠—with cook Eric, cooking wasn’t a concern at all!

But Three Meals a Day: hill Village Is Different

The most distinct and obvious distinction that sets this season apart from the others is the cast. This time around, Three Meals a Day features three mrs celebrities as the key hostesses that the show instead the the usual male duo or trio lineups that have previously appeared. Through an all-female cast, the bloomed chemistry between Yum Jungah, Yoon Seah, and also Park Sodam serves together a good reflector the their distinct personalities and conveys your characters.

Yum Jungah plays the passionate “leader” duty in the family members as the earliest of the three. The actress reflects her own work-related ethic and stresses the duty of finishing important tasks to do the next meal. In spite of being a stranger in a foreign an ar just choose the rest of them, she travel guide the team come efficiently complete what demands to be done and also rises as the main chef v her enough cooking an abilities as she unleashes she lovely and lively character, contrasting the cold, ambitious Han Seojin she play in SKY Castle.


Yoon Seah brightens up the atmosphere with she positive mindset as she urges her fellow actors members. Do a 180-degree revolve from her most recent drama duty as Noh Seunghye from SKY Castle, the actress showcases she quirkiness and enthusiasm in addition to her energy. Transparent the show, it’ll be precious it to take a look at exactly how the hostess juggles she duties if encouraging the team as the team’s designated cheerleader.

A rising star many thanks to her appearance in Parasite, the mega-hit movie that won the Palme d"Or at Cannes this year, Park Sodam employs a calm demeanor even as the youngest in the group. Her willingness to help her members with even the smallest task reveals her sort nature, and her reactive personality renders her a lovely assistant throughout team tasks such as cooking. Through her prior suffer in helping the end at she grandma’s farm, Park Sodam easily adapts come the rural lifestyle and leaves viewers curious as to how she will lug out various other tasks and contribute come the group throughout the show.


Unfortunate news welcomed the new hostesses this summer, however. Going ago to the old days of the show, the cast members of this season space refused any kind of extra ingredients for your meals. They are just given basic resources such as the environment-friendly garden and also unprocessed natural eggs indigenous the large chicken coop. It"s as much as them to action up and also get with the job in their somewhat limited environment. They begin off by structure their an extremely own heater with the red bricks gave in the backyard and also greet your unexpected, yet welcomed guest Jung Woosung. The actresses room off to a great start.

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Like the past and present hosts and also hostesses of Three Meals a Day, take a break from your own busy life. Track in to Three Meals a Day: mountain Village to uncover inspiration to take it a tiny temporary escape indigenous reality. V the show, adopt the heal lifestyle; absorb that is peacefulness and also carefree vibe, and pay close fist in instance you have your own dreams to live the farm-to-table lifestyle.