that you will certainly not fail the mission if you simply run in and also kill anyone on sight if that’s what you desire to do, but in the attention of playing favor a stealthy person, I have written the guide on exactly how to execute it without being detected.

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As friend begin, check out the crates just to the left. Run up these and hop across to the trees, monitor the treetop pathway end the wall. Dive into the haystack below. Wait here for a few moments and also a guard will patrol over to you, take him and also assassinate him from the hiding spot as soon as he comes into range.

Keep an eye on your minimap and when no-one is looking, pop out and also sabotage the bell (bell 1 that 3 sabotaged). Immediately sprint throughout the street and also enter the bushes in ~ the basic of the wall to the right before you are spotted.

Work your way along the wall, making certain to save tabs top top the adversaries so that they space not looking when you move in between bushes. When you with the wooden fence, follow it away from the wall surface and sit in the shrub closest to the well. Wait here for a moment and when the patrolling guard come in nearby to her position, horn him right into the bush and assassinate him.

Now look at over towards the well. Wait for the patrolling foe to revolve away from you and also then operation over and also jump into it. Traction the guard with his ago to you right into the well for a silent kill. Hang from the well till the patrolling guard makes his next pass.

When the returns earlier the other way, hop out and also sabotage the bell (bell 2 of 3 sabotaged). Go into the bushes come the left. The next time the patroller to walk by, horn him over and also take him under from cover.


Watch her mini map. Throughout from the visible guard with his earlier to the bushes ahead of friend is an additional guard patrolling ago and forward between buildings. Wait until he is facing away indigenous the various other guard and then move up to the following bush versus the best hand wall. Sneak up and assassinate the stationary guard. Continue along the wall surface until you reach the corner

Quickly duck about the corner and interact with the flashing cage below to visit v an old girlfriend ( Friend 1 of 2 visited ). Return to the corner. Now wait for all of the guards to look far from her position. As soon as this happens, we space going come run throughout the small street directly to our left and also jump into the bush on opposing side.

Assassinate the surrounding guard as soon as no-one else is looking prior to moving up to the next bush next to the bell when it is safe to perform so. Whistle the patrolling guard over and also dispatch the from cover.


Watch the guards from the direction we come from together one will patrol a brief distance v his eye on the bell and also then go back again. When he is facing away native you, ignore the bell and also hop into the haystack close to the fifty percent wall ~ above the left. Assassinate the guy leaning versus it.

From the cart, you deserve to make the end a Gunner above the door ahead; in addition there is a stationary guard to the left that will constantly have his eyes on the bell. As soon as it’s safe, quickly sprint back to the ahead bush.

From here; use sleep darts ~ above the gunner over the gate and also the stationary guard come the left. Wait for the patrolling guard I aforementioned to look at away and also hop out to sabotage the third bell (bell 3 that 3 sabotaged). Continue into the bushes opposite.

At this point, girlfriend should have the ability to see the gate. Use a couple of berserk darts on enemies in the surrounding area to draw the security away and quickly operation up and through. Go into the stalking zone come the left together you get in the prison.

Move up until you room opposite the green objective marker indicating the door and also again usage your berserk darts top top an foe or 2 in the courtyard here to cause a distraction. Whilst the guards are all preoccupied, quickly run over and also enter the prison proper.

Part 2: Rescue¶

Now that we space inside the jail proper, it’s time to track down and rescue our friends.


Follow the hallway come the far end and continue around the edge to the right. Assassinate the guard below with his earlier to you. Over there is a pair the guards additional into this room patrolling around and one more standing stationary in the centre. Watch your mini-map to see where they space looking.

When you are sure the is safe to do so, run over and hop right into the haystack in the centre of the floor. Assassinate the security within range of the haystack and also then wait for the patrollers come walk far from you. When they do, operation up and double assassinate them indigenous behind.


Make your means over to the hallway in the northeast corner of the room. Hang the end behind the door frame for a couple of moments and also a guard will certainly patrol into the hallway ahead. Wait because that him come walk away and also quickly operation up and take him under from behind. Execute the exact same to the other guard in this corridor.

Continue round the edge and double assassinate the two guards standing v their backs come you in ~ the enntrance gate to the room ahead. Currently sneak over to the far finish of the room and also you’ll spy an additional pair of guards with their backs come you looking into cells. Assassinate one, and also your friend from the begin of the mission should take treatment of the other. Connect with the cell door on the left because that a scene.

Part 3: Escape¶

Following the scene, walk through the open door come the left and also continue under the corridor. Save going until you acquire outside. From below it should be a directly shot end to the eco-friendly waypoint mite in the distance. So operation over over there as quickly as you can.

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If you get detected by guards follow me the way, placed the object that you space carrying down, remove the hostiles, then choose up the object again and continue. As you with the marker a scene will play to finish the mission.