It’s funny just how you can know, and also also love, a song for years and also never before really understand what it’s about.

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Maybe you just never before take the time to really pay attention to the lyrics. Maybe the music functions so well that the singer might as well be singing Chinese for all you care. Maybe the words seem also cryptic to bvarious other deciphering.

But sooner or later you pay a small even more attention than usual or review something that makes you see the song in a new light, and also unexpectedly its interpretation is glaringly evident. That’s what happened to me newly through Toad the Wet Sprocket’s ‘Fly From Heaven.’

After my epiphany kind of, I instantly assumed that I had an excellent Track of the Day candiday, only to realize that I had actually featured the song currently more than two years back. But my “no song even more than once” dominance is minimal to unique versions of each song, so today’s live performance of ‘Fly From Heaven’ is enabled.

So what’s the song about? Well, it’s sung from the perspective of James, the brvarious other of Jesus, that is upcollection by the pervariation of his brother’s message by the Apostle Paul. Paul taught that faith alone would certainly bring about salvation, while James thought that excellent deeds were crucial (and his brvarious other taught as much). This song is around that struggle.

It’s really quite obvious, also. But for some reason, I never linked Paul and James to the Scriptures and also imagined a more contemporary establishing, possibly tied to a tragedy within songwriter Glen Phillips’ own household.

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I like this song also even more now that I appreciate the meaty subject matter.

Paul is making me nervousPaul is making me scaredWalk right into this room and swaggersLike he’s God’s very own messengerChanged the name of my brotherChanged the things that he saidSays he speaks to himBut he never even knew the manBut I’d give my life for him

Like water with my handsYou’d offer him any endingBut if he’s all you sayWould he fly from heavenTo this human being againTo this world again

Take whatever you’re needingTake whatever you canWe are broken from withinRun to one more land

Like water via my handsOr is it just beginningBut if he’s all you sayWould he fly from heavenTo this human being againTo this human being again

They took my brotherThey ripped him from meTo twist his words as they did his bodyDenied his familyDenied his beautyTo lay him dvery own at the feetOf those he couldn’t saveCouldn’t save, couldn’t save

Will it be the endOr is he still ascendingBut if he’s all you sayWould he fly from heavenTo this human being againTo this people again