It’s genuinely impressive how far fans will go to decode, decipher and also discuss the many elements of a band’s lore. Native picking through HTML codes, come rewatching old music videos because that easter eggs and also using pan forums come share clues, hours and hours go into piecing together these theories to give a band’s music a deeper meaning.

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And – of food – we have actually to give props come the bands the decide to produce tangled, facility webs and also worlds for your music to live in ~ in the an initial place. Complying with in the footsteps of environment-friendly Day, My chemistry Romance and Pink Floyd (and countless more, obviously) before them, Twenty One Pilots are one of these bands. 

The lead-up to Twenty One Pilots’ upcoming album, Trench, has been littered with mysterious bread crumbs and clues and a bunch of fans have actually taken that upon us to decode – or theorise – as much as feasible about what it all way on Reddit. Bandmembers Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun haven’t claimed too much around it in ~ all, as well as Josh to express DEMA directly at the APMAs last year (at 2:01 minutes).

It’s a wild drive so… strap yourself in, we’re gonna record you increase as ideal we can. Take it all v a grain of salt, but this is what’s being said.

How’d it all start?

Basically, pan noticed that on the band’s merch store under the Vessel tab, a brand-new video appeared with part strange imagery. The finish of the video quickly flashes some text, which was quickly deciphered to it is in this website.

The website ended up hosting a bunch of strange letters, images and also “error codes”, countless of which described something/someone called the DEMA and also a man named Clancy. Lock were every taken down quickly after, but not prior to Twenty One Pilots fans went to town saving and also screenshotting lock – and additionally checking up on their source codes.

Now, you’ll an alert that the “404 Error” message that’s ~ above the website right now features a pair of supposedly arbitrarily letter capitalisations… yet they come with each other to spell the end “EAST IS UP”. 

Wait, what is this DEMA thing?

No one’s yes, really sure, but DEMA seems to describe a collection of high security towers led through nine oppressive bishops – probably a an allegory of negativity, insecurity and also destructive thinking. Fans reckon this is wherein Clancy’s trying come escape from. Others have actually pointed out that the map the DEMA additionally resembles a brain, maybe telling united state that Clancy is trying to escape native his very own self, fighting for positivity come escape indigenous the negativity. An additional theory refers to the towers the same, similar thing Towers the Silence, an ancient Zoroastrian tradition of structure tall towers to let dead body decay and also get picked apart by bird (heavy, us know, but this might likewise explain the vulture on the Trench album cover). Words “silence” was likewise teased top top the band’s Twitter web page last year, so this Towers that Silence might well have been the band’s inspiration. 

Then, eagle-eyed Redditors found that if you use the preeminence “EAST IS UP” come the circular map here, it actually synchronizes with the Blurryface album cover.


What’s more, lock think each bishop’s name corresponds to a song on Blurryface, with their names acquired from Blurryface track lyrics. 

YouTuber Jimmy Bolland also found that the surname Nico is the only name that doesn’t exchange mail to a lyric – but corresponds through the band’s greatest single, Stressed Out, i m sorry is the very first song referencing Blurryface (the character) by name. The reckons Nico = Blurryface… and Tyler perhaps = Clancy. 

Other noticeable easter eggs include there being 21 body in the photo of the people on the cliff, a reference to a “failed perimeter escape” and well, you deserve to decode the letters from Clancy for hours.


Where walk Clancy come in?

Fans reckon Clancy’s top the rebellion who space trying come escape the clutches that DEMA, having been imprisoned in ~ the finish of the Blurryface portion the the storyline. Throughout Blurryface, the theorised that Tyler/Clancy had to battle the insecurities the the Blurryface character would certainly inflict on that – the fights back, but is at some point locked increase in the DEMA, or the Towers that Silence. Hence, Twenty One Pilots’ hiatus beginning in June 2017 (until now).

Now the theories…

Their track Heathens on the Suicide Squad soundtrack shows just how Tyler/Clancy damaged out that DEMA

Apparently, if girlfriend take the end the Suicide Squad clips indigenous the music video, the video essentially showcases exactly how Tyler division out the DEMA, connecting united state to the present Trench-era storyline. An initial – he’s wearing a jumpsuit (an obvious connection, duh), which is orange. The Blurryface album cover and also era was quite a red-heavy era in the band’s music, if Trench has been stained by the color yellow (the yellow shoulder spot on tyler jacket, the font on the music videos, the album cover), for this reason fans have actually surmised the the orange point out a change between the 2 eras. Tyler additionally tears turn off his orange jumpsuit to expose a yellow jacket, another apparent clue that we’re currently in Trench world. 

Let’s talk around the Nico and The Niners video 

Even despite this video clip came out just last week, after the Jumpsuit video clip, it seems to solidify most of the pan theories so far that it details what happened prior to Jumpsuit. The song’s text seem to straight reference the Heathens video – and also DEMA, because that starters, also stating “when bishops come with each other they won’t recognize it, DEMA don’t control us.

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In the video, we additionally see nine hooded bishops, a bleak, grey city through nine towers/Towers that Silence the looks choose the map that DEMA we saw previously on, and likewise a group of yellow-taped rebels (led by Josh) guiding Tyler out of the city. 

Fans room pretty adamant that Nico and The Niners is the prequel to…

The Jumpsuit video

Tyler’s in the jacket with the yellow tape that the was provided in Nico and also The Niners, for this reason timeline-wise that seems favor this is what come next. The Jumpsuit video functions an up close look at one of the red-cloaked bishops – is that Blurryface? Nico? – and also we even see this bishop note Tyler’s neck v the exact same black smudges the we observed in the entire Blurryface era, in videos favor Stressed Out and also Ride. If this bishop embodies all the insecurities we discussed earlier, then fans think it renders sense regarding why tyler neck goes completely black from the bishop’s spell/curse/negative influence. However when girlfriend look closely, as soon as the rebels ~ above the top of the cliff shower head Tyler in yellow flower petals, the black seems to fade again – it’s as if the yellow positivity fights against the bishop’s/DEMA’s red negativity. 

The yellow tape on Josh 

In Nico and The Niners, part fans think that the yellow ice on rebel mockery (crossed end his chest and also then bring about his knee) shows what he values the most – love, and also Tyler, whose surname is tattooed ~ above Josh’s left knee. 


East Is increase is a spiritual reference

Some pan have provided that in the Bible, the Israelites headed eastern to escape enslavement – also alluding to depictions that the sun rising and also the relief that light, escaping the darkness that DEMA. 

Tyler’s red contacts in Stressed Out imply he was regulated by Blurryface

In Nico and also The Niners, you deserve to see Tyler pack glasses and also a red beanie, both props from the Blurryface era, so fans think that the entire Blurryface album was created while under the regulate of DEMA/Blurryface. The red contacts additionally kind of point to this – red = Blurryface. 

The Niners might be in recommendation to a 19th French mathematician dubbed Andre Weil

Fans think the picture of the boy on the website features Andrew Weil, an prominent French mathematician who began a mathematical group of nine men collectively called Nicolas Bourbaki. Weil also created the null prize () that Twenty One Pilots stylise their name with. 

The handshake

While it"s no a theory, fans space pretty dazzling to view the Josh/Tyler secret handshake an initial seen in Stressed the end in Nico and The Niners, when Josh and also the rebels come to rescue Tyler. Friendship is forever!

Clearly, Twenty One Pilots’ Reddit fans love a good treasure hunt/conspiracy and also we won’t know what’s plan by the band and what’s no (not yet, anyway). Until then, theorising is all us have! 

Twenty One Pilots’ new album Trench is due the end October 5. Acquire your pre-order and exclusive bundles here.