In this Dec. 9, 2019, file photo a girl hugs the playthings R united state mascot, Geoffrey, in ~ the new store in ~ a shopping center in Paramus, N.J The only two toys R united state stores that opened in November 2019 as component of a tiny U.S. Comeback effort by the top toy chain have actually now closed. The playthings R Us store at the Galleria shopping center in Houston shuttered on Jan. 15, if one at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, new Jersey, closeup of the door on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021 according Tru Kids, a new entity created when it gained Toys R Us’ intellectual property during its liquidation in 2018.AP Photo/Seth Wenig



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Toys R united state is retrenching when again.

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The just two playthings R us stores that opened in November 2019 as component of a small U.S. Comeback effort by the iconic toy chain have actually now closed.

The toys R Us save at the Galleria shopping mall in Houston shuttered ~ above Jan. 15, while one in ~ the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, closeup of the door on Tuesday, according Tru Kids, a brand-new entity developed when it gained Toys R Us’ pundit property throughout its liquidation in 2018.

The move come together physical stores, particularly mall-based locations, have actually been ache by weak customer traffic amid the pandemic.

The toys R united state website is still in operation.

“As a result of COVID, we made the strategic decision come pivot our save strategy to new locations and platforms the have far better traffic,” Tru children said in an emailed statement Friday. “Consumer need in the toy category and also for toys R united state remains solid and us will continue to invest in the networks where the customer wants to endure our brand.”

The two shuttered locations were around 6,500 square feet — around one-seventh the the size of the old playthings R U stores and emphasized hands-on experiences. Employee unwrapped toys, for instance, so that kids could shot them out.

During a visit to the new Jersey save in late 2019, kids shot Nerf blasters and also sat in a circle because that story time if Geoffrey, the chain’s mascot, roamed around. Together experiences are now shunned in ~ a time when shoppers need to abide by social-distancing rules.

Tru kids says that exterior of the U.S., the operates playthings R Us, and Babies R us branded stores and also e-commerce sites with licensing partners in an ext than 25 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and also the middle East.

Bloomberg News very first reported the news that the save closures.

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