Parents, students, faculty and staff of Tri-City Christian college learned top top June 14 the school would not open up for the 2019-2020 school year, citing low enrollment, a failed company deal and not sufficient teachers.

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It shows up this an alert went the end via email. This letter came just three month after the school opened up enrollment for the 2019-2020 institution year, follow to a letter date March 6 on the school’s website.

This is a copy of the email sent to parents, students, faculty and staff of Tri-City Christian School.

“Thank friend for your interest, yet we room not interested in granting an interview,” Thomas composed in an e-mail on Tuesday.

Since then, the HDR has heard indigenous one teacher at the school, yet she was not willing to go on the record.

Tri-City Christian School, a kindergarten with 12th-grade conservative school, opened up in Conover more than two decades ago and also operated the end of Tri-City Baptist Church. In the June 14 letter, it reveals a company called open Door education Network remained in negotiations to acquire ownership of the school, yet that deal fell through.

“No limits Ministry is not able come commit to another year wherein the suspect low college student enrollment would create a more challenging year financially than the previous year,” the letter likewise states.

According to No limits Ministry’s website, the company facilitates mission trips, church camps, trips to Israel and also more.

The school’s website,, does not say anything around the institution closing together of June 21 and it shows up the virtual enrollment attributes are quiet operational.

The June 14 letter states tuition for the 2019-2020 school year will be refunded within the next two weeks.

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According come the school’s website, kindergarten v third-grade students were to salary $5,400 because that the upcoming college year. Students in 4th through eighth grade to be to pay $5,600 and ninth with 12th-graders to be to pay $6,000. This totals carry out not include meals, after-school treatment or extracurricular fees. “We are deeply saddened through the need for this decision, however, we view no alternative,” the June 14 letter reads.



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