About this time critical year i took ~ above a client commission because that a pair two page spreads illustrating Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky poem. It to be for one elementary school textbook so I’m not sure when (if ever) those illustrations could be released however suffice it to say, i really enjoyed them!

Moreover, it gained me thinking, hey, ns can’t help but include things to my own personal job calendar, why not illustrate the rest of those Alice poems?

Why not, indeed. I decided that ns would create spot illustrations. Full pieces would be counter-productive with regards the remainder of my work, however spots, I could handle spots. And so! together I have time, here and there, I’ve been working my way through every one of the poems built up in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and v the looking Glass.

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You could recall a particular fastidious crocodile from a few months back but this time I’m right here with a starry bat.

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!

How i wonder what you’re at!

Up over the human being you fly,

Like a teatray in the sky.

First, some scribbles. Over there were an ext pages yet this was the one wherein I fight on the idea to have actually the wings full of stars. Also, sharp-eyed readers might notice that ns was also scrawling out part waterfalls and trolls.

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Cory Godbey

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Cory Godbey creates fanciful illustrations for snapshot books, covers, comics, editorial, advertising, animated shorts and also films.His work has been featured in a selection of esteemed annuals and also publications consisting of Imagine FX, The culture of Illustrators, and also Spectrum: The ideal in Contemporary wonderful Art. His client list includes: HarperCollins, random House, Simon & Schuster, The Jim Henson Company, Penguin Kids, Oxford Univeristy Press, Mayfair Games, Nintendo that America, Microsoft, and Highlights for Kids, amongst many others.