When you shot to upload a video clip on Twitter, error “Your media paper could not be processed” may be displayed during the processing stage. Twitter lists out the specifications for media records on their support site. If her media paper doesn’t fit right into their technical specifications, the error appears.

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In the save As: field, mention the path and also filename because that the paper you’re going come modify. Leave the default settings and Presets as they are.Click begin Encode. The encoded document is currently saved come the favored location. Watch if you can upload the on Twitter.You should have actually noticed an choice (checkbox) named internet Optimized in the Handbrake user interface. Net Optimized choice for the MP4 container, if enabled, moves few of the video clip metadata native the finish to the beginning of the final video file. Together Handbrake documentation describes, this choice is mostly beneficial for streaming on the internet. As far as the Twitter error is concerned, permitting Web Optimized setup is optional.
The above command will encode through the default “Normal” Preset (Fast 1080p30). If you desire to encode through customized bitrate, framerate, and other settings, etc., describe the (Official) HandBrake Documentation — CLI Options.

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Option 3: utilizing FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a totally free and open-source job consisting of a software application suite of libraries and programs for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams. You deserve to do nice much any kind of media conversion/encoding task using this console tool. There are many third-party programs together as display to Gif, File Converter, etc. That room bundled v FFmpeg.exe. To resolve the “Your media paper could not be processed.” error because that a media file, reencode the video clip (and audio) using FFmpeg.exe. To do so, use the adhering to command-line syntax:ffmpeg -i input_file output_fileExamples:ffmpeg -i input.mkv output.mp4ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.mp4When you operation the over command-line, the input video clip is reencoded through H264 format with AAC audio and also saved to a document in MP4 video format. If the entry audio currently is in dash or any other format, FFmpeg switch it to AAC – M4A by default.

Before encoding:Codec information presented in VLC Media PlayerAfter encoding:

This makes the media document compatible through Twitter, assuming the the other needs are met. You must now be able to upload the encoded video on Twitter without acquiring the error “Your media file could no be processed.”

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