Renting a moving Truck from U-Haul

Are friend going to must rent a moving truck? are you interested in renting a U-Haul truck? If girlfriend are relocating from one residence to one more without using among the best professional relocating companies, the U-Haul truck rental company should be near the top of her list. They are among the far better DIY relocating companies.

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With an ext than 20,000 rental locations and a enormous fleet that vehicles, UHaul rental will be the most convenient choice for countless people. Once making a DIY move, your one-way trucks space a perfect match for countless people.

Your moving initiatives will be much less stressful through their easy moving process.

But there are some points you must think about before beginning the renting a U-Haul truck process. Renting your own moving truck isn’t complex but do mistakes isn’t that complicated when you’re law it because that the very first time.

Let’s take it a watch at every the points you will must know about renting a U-Haul truck.

Who is U-Haul International?

U-Haul is a moving and storage rental firm headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. UHaul Rental has been in business because 1945. The firm was started by Leonard Shoen in Ridgefield, Washington, the end of his wife’s family’s garage.

U-Haul originally expanded through franchising through gas stations. U-Haul today is just one of the most renowned companies because that renting moving trucks.

They room an market leader with one of the largest an option of moving trucks, utility trailers, auto trailers, motorcycle trailers, relocating vans, and also moving trailers.

When making a neighborhood move, you room bound to discover a U-Haul ar nearby. They are a moving agency that’s easy to work with for one-way rentals.

Finding a UHaul van Rental close to Me

Renting a neighborhood U-Haul Truck will certainly be as easy as act a Google search. If you go online, simply search for U-Haul close to me, UHaul van rental near me,or U-Haul nearby. You should get at the very least a few options to choose from.

Of course, friend could constantly speak to your actual estate agent or friend and family that may have used one in your area.

Doing therefore isn’t a bad idea to obtain some reliable feedback.

Getting The ideal Size UHaul Rental

One the the most critical things to figure out once renting a U-Haul truck is choosing the ideal size vehicle. If you pick a truck size and also then discover you don’t have actually enough space for all of your things, you will uncover yourself in a bind. It is better to have actually room and not need it rather than the other way around.

U-Haul offers lots of different truck size to meet your requirements. If girlfriend are relocating the components of a one or two-bedroom home, the ten or 15-foot box truck have to offer enough space. Two or three-bedroom residences may require one that the 17 or 20-foot trucks.

The 26-foot moving truck and the biggest in your fleet should provide enough room because that larger residences or world with an ext possessions. U-Haul has an online overview to help you make the right an option for a box truck rental.

U-Haul crate Truck Rental size Reviewed

Let’s testimonial the U-Haul box truck rental size options:

10-foot box truck rental15-foot crate truck rental20-foot crate truck rental26-foot box truck rental

What does U-Haul fee For your Rentals

Probably at the height of anyone’s list as soon as renting a UHaul truck is the cost. Among the many asked questions is how UHaul pricing works.

One that the points that are regularly confusing when getting a rental truck is the rates. In fact, girlfriend could nearly call lock misleading. Relying on the truck, you will most likely see price advertised, like $19.95 every day or $25.95 per day. What they often don’t tell you is the extras can add up fast.

The various other thing you will learn about what U-Haul and other companies choose is that the charges are for neighborhood moves only! one of the most valuable pieces of advice ns can offer you once renting a U-Haul truck will certainly be to get the price down so you recognize what you’re paying.

Have a look at the ultimate guide to UHaul truck rental prices. You will learn all of the U-Haul rental costs for the various options they provide. The guide consists of information on UHaul rental truck prices for:

Different size relocating trucks, including a crate truck rentalMoving vansUtility trailersCar trailersMotorcycle trailersCargo trailers

You have the right to expect the best obtainable rate when reaching the end to confirm a UHaul rental.

What to Know about Your U-Haul van Rental Quote

The quote only reflects the base price of your rental.The price does not encompass an environmental fee ($1–$5).The expense does not include taxes i beg your pardon can include a decent amount that money.The quote might not have an pin money for mileage or gas on part rentals.

One point you may not know around pricing through U-Haul is the it can be feasible to negotiate a better rate. That is worth a try!

U-Haul bookings Are not Guaranteed

One the the most far-ranging issues some human being do not realize once booking a rental truck v U-Haul is their reservation is no guaranteed! So also though you have a location, truck size picked out, and also the time of choose up, her reservation is not complete. U-Haul rental does not think about your reservation locked in until you pick up the vehicle.

It is critical to call the day prior to your pick-up come ensure the auto you would like is tho in stock. If not, you may need to walk to a various location unless you want to wait.

More van Rental options With U-Haul

Aside native the rental van available, U-Haul likewise offers other vehicles that might be much more suitable. A pickup truck or one of their rental trailers can offer advantages over a conventional rental truck. They also offer cargo vans as well.

U-Haul likewise offers U-Box containers the let you fill up a warehouse container that has actually been yielded to your home. This will certainly then be gathered by U-Haul and transported come your new address.

This offers you some more flexibility, letting you more easily placed your stuff in a warehouse unit if you require to.

U-Haul choose Up truck Rental

One that the most renowned U-Haul truck rental choices is a pick-up truck as soon as you have a small move. The 8-foot pick-up van is a cheap relocating option once you have just a couple of things that need to be transported indigenous one place to another.

Some human being may usage the pick-up truck to conserve on delivery fees for new furniture the was to buy or aid move something indigenous Mom’s attic or basement. The U-Haul price may be a more affordable option.

Driver needs For a UHaul van Rental

Lots of people ask who have the right to drive a truck rental.

To rental a relocating trailer, you need to be at least 16 years of age. When renting a U-Haul truck, you will have to be 18. A precious driver’s license is, of course, required as well.

If girlfriend don’t accomplish these requirements, you’ll require to have actually someone who does, and also the contract will should be put under their name.

One of the an essential things to remember is the driving a rental truck will be much different than your automobile or also an SUV. Navigating any an overwhelming weather conditions, car speed or even road grades can it is in strange as soon as you’re not offered to driving this sort of vehicle.

Having Passengers deserve to Be challenging With UHaul van Rentals

If friend are moving a lengthy distance, perform you need to carry passengers on her journey? many of the trucks available will only seat 2 or three passengers, and also putting human being in the ago isn’t an option.

These are not best driving circumstances, yet that is one of the factors UHaul is best suited because that a tiny move locally.

If friend usually should use a kid seat for her kids, they aren’t generally taken into consideration safe to usage in trucks.

If you rent the 10-foot cargo van, friend will have actually a trouble with an ext than two passengers; various other sizes must accommodate as much as three, however.

The U-Haul van that deserve to accommodate 3 passengers include:

The eight-foot pick-up truckThe fifteen and also seventeen-foot crate trucksThe big twenty and twenty-six-foot box trucks.

U-Haul truck Rental Insurance

One the the crucial items to examine off her list when renting a U-Haul truck is insurance! You could have sufficient coverage with your auto insurance for truck and also trailer rental. Though many policies won’t cover you because that truck rentals, friend should check your insurance money details prior to reserving her U-Haul van rental.

U-Haul has actually insurance plan that will cover you and also your possessions, as well as their truck, in the event of an accident. This include:

Safemove – this has medical and life coverage, defense for your possessions, and also a damages waiver.Safemove add to – add to $1 million in liability coverage and a damages waiver because that the truck that covers everything, in addition to the various other benefits the Safemove.Collision damages – this waiver protects you versus costs above the early stage $150 amount if there is damages to the truck. The collision damages waiver is because that pickup trucks and also cargo vans.Safetow® – This policy contains coverage for a rental trailer or towing device. Also, it offers you defense in the event of an accident (subject to exclusions). The passengers’ insurance applies only when they space riding in the passenger area the the towing vehicle.Safetrip® – The Safetrip arrangement provides supplemental roadside protection. It is obtainable to girlfriend for simply a $5.00 flat rate. Feeling confident knowing aid is on the way when you require it for a an extremely meager lot of money. Coverage includes: gaining locked the end of her vehicle, a jump start for battery problems, fuel service, shed keys, truck grounding in snow or mud, and also trailer hookup issues.

Get a full rundown on U-Haul insurance choices here.

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