Below is details on local public transportation choices as fine as take trip from UC Davis and also UC Santa Cruz.

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Public transportationBelow are options for public transportation. As soon as using public transportation it is an excellent to have lots the change. Some services require exact fare (e.g. AC Transit Buses and also Campus spaceship Service).


Bay Area quick Transit (BART) trains run from Fremont, Richmond, bay Point/Concord and San Francisco/Daly City and include business to san Francisco international Airport. BART connects come Oakland international Airport via a short hop on an AirBart spaceship bus. A map describe the route and stops of each train is situated at every BART station. The BART terminal is simply 1½ blocks west that the campus.

AC Transit

AC Transit bus business provides transport for commuters to and from mountain Francisco and also throughout Alameda and also Western Contra Costa County. Over there are number of AC bus present that prevent at the campus in ~ the intersection the Bancroft method and Telegraph avenue such as lines: #1; #7; #51; #52; and also F. For additional lines and also information contact AC Transit at (510) 839-2882.

Oakland international Airport

The Oakland global Airport is around 15 mile from UC

At the airport take the AirBart shuttle to the Oakland Coliseum BART station.Board a Richmond tied BART train and get off at the Station.Exit the terminal at facility Street.Walk eastern on center Street because that 1 block to the campus. Go into campus in ~ Oxford Street and Center Street. Take the course on the right through the Eucalyptus Grove and make a left in ~ Campanile Way.Continue to walk toward Sather Tower and also make a best at the first cross street (Sather Road) near Durant Hall.Continue past Sather gate till you with Sproul room on her left.Transit and also shuttle information websites
BARTincluding organization to mountain Francisco worldwide Airport
AC TransitEast just buses
San Franciso MuniSan Francisco Buses
AirBARTAirBART business from Oakland plane only
Caltrain/Southern Pacific RailroadCommuter train organization from mountain Francisco and San Jose
SamTransBus service between Palo Alto and downtown san Francisco
Bay Area Transit trip Planner ( plan door-to-door trips by searching the schedule of multiple bay Area transit providers.
UC Campus spaceship (Monday through Friday)Bus organization from Downtown (across indigenous BART at facility & Shattuck in front of bank of America) come UC campus perimeter, botanical Gardens and Lawrence hall of Scienc


The Intercampus Bus company provides transportation in between the university of California Davis and also campuses for UCD/UCB faculty, staff and also registered students. There are two ring trips daily. Bookings are required. Check out the website.

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• integrate Bus & Train Travel: take the Highway 17 express bus indigenous Santa Cruz Metro’s Pacific station in downtown Santa Cruz to the san Jose Amtrak(Diridon) station. In ~ the mountain Jose Amtrak station take the VTA bus #180 mountain Jose Diridon Transit facility to Fremont BART. In ~ the Fremont BART take a Richmond train come the Downtown station; the UC campus is a one block walk native the Downtown BART station.