Undead Bone Shards are an essential when it concerns ensuring your Estus Flask keeps up v your wellness bar in Dark Souls 3. Here"s whereby to find them.

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Dark Souls 3 Art and Undead settlement Bone Shard Location
In Dark Souls 3, Undead Bone Shards provide players a rise to an Estus Flask"s recovery amount, permanently raising the number of hit point out (HP) recovered native a consistent Estus Flask and/or emphasis points (FP) recovered native an Ashen Estus Flask. The Dark Souls universe has actually a plethora of items that carry out buffs and benefits come the player, yet these are arguably amongst the most important of them.

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back Undead Bone Shards are critical to improving the likelihood of one"s survive in Dark Souls 3"s unforgiving world, castle are few and far in between in the game. Therefore, one must be vigilant when traversing v the Kingdom the Lothric searching for Undead Bone Shards.

10 Undead Settlement

Location that the Undead Bone Shard in Undead negotiation Dark Souls 3
The Undead Settlement is one of the earliest locations of the game players come across, early being relative in this huge game. It makes sense for football player to come across their an initial Undead Bone Shard here. From the Dilapidated bridge bonfire, players find the item by going straight but not however crossing the titular bridge. After handling a couple of enemies as they watch fit, they will come across a tree in a field of arrows. Come the ideal of the tree is a piece of planet that has broken off from the rock path. Players with the Bone Shard by jumping come it.

Bone Shard ar in Farron keep Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3 veterans understand Farron store all too well. Amidst this swamp live the numerous denizens who mean players injury as they move through the bog through the rate of a slug. And slugs are actually the crucial to the following Undead Bone Shard"s location. From the Keep ruins bonfire, players will make their way down the walkway towards the big twin doors that result in the Abyss Watchers ceo fight. Turn to the ideal at the bottom that the walkway, and also there is a tower filled with rotten slug at the base. The Undead Bone Shard is amongst the slugs on the ground.

Cathedral the the Deep Graveyard Dark Souls
The whole of the Cathedral the the Deep is separated into two significant areas: the bordering graveyard and the cathedral itself. Fortunately, the Undead Bone Shard is situated in the graveyard, for this reason venturing into the cathedral won"t be necessary. From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, turn around, head outside, and move up the stairs come the right. Traversing with the graveyard brings players to a little stone bridge. Players will come face-to-face through a Gravewarden after crossing the bridge and going up the stairs. ~ dispatching v or ignoring the Gravewarden, revolve to the right. There is a huge gravestone perched precariously in ~ the sheet of the cliff, and also the Bone Shard is on that stone.

Skeleton round Catacombs that Carthus Dark Souls
After players hit the Abyss Watchers, the Catacombs the Carthus will open. The Catacombs the Carthus are filled with a cacophony of opponents that desire to case players" lives. The Undead Bone Shard is found by heading down the stairs native the Abyss Watchers bonfire.

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football player go v the catacombs till they come across a long set of stairs. As they descend the stairs, a skeleton sphere will roll through the doorway. After ~ going with the door, a skeleton with a hat is hiding in the edge to the right. Death him will cause the ball to quit into the prohibition door, and the Bone Shard will be top top the ground.

The Smouldering Lake technically has two Undead Bone Shards in its surrounding area. The first Shard is uncovered in the lake area itself. Obtaining this Bone Shard might be easy for some players, depending upon their stats in ~ this suggest in the game. To with it, players must kill the Carthus Sandworm. The sandworm deserve to be seen moving approximately the lake. Finding the is not the tough part, however killing it potentially is. After death the Carthus Sandworm, players pick up the Undead Bone Shard automatically.

As declared in the ahead entry, the Smouldering Lake area technically has two Undead Bone Shards. The second Shard isn"t found near the really lake, but it isn"t found earlier in the Catacombs of Carthus either. Indigenous the Demon ruins bonfire, players will certainly make their method through the demon catacombs till they get in a room filled through floating fireballs. At the finish of that room is a demon corpse clutching the Bone Shard. This is just one of the more challenging Undead Bone Shards come find due to the fact that of the confuse corridors.

The Irithyll of the Boreal sink is a beautiful landscape filled through strange adversaries and an important loot. The Undead Bone Shard is rather a distance from the bridge into the city whereby the player an initial enters the game area. Before players proceed to the Pontiff Sulyvahn ceo fight, they will certainly come across the Church of Yorshka. Players have to then head under the stairs opposite the bonfire come the outside. Players will then revolve right, towards the cliff. They must follow the cliff until they come throughout a big gravestone v an Irithyllian slave seemingly praying at it. The Bone Shard can be discovered behind the gravestone.

The Undead Bone Shard found in the Profaned funding is one of the simplest Bone Shards to find in regards to the number of enemies a player must get through to with it indigenous the start of the area.

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top top entering the Profaned Capital, football player will cross a narrow bridge guarded through a gargoyle. This is the only opponent that stands in between them and the namesake shard. The Bone Shard deserve to be found by descending the rubble ~ the bridge. There is a ladder in ~ the other end of the room. Ascending it brings players come a bonfire and a corpse that hold a player gesture and also the Undead Bone Shard.

The Undead Bone Shard in ~ Lothric castle is discovered underneath the leg that is guarded by two dragons. Players will cross this leg by walking upstairs native the Dragon Barracks bonfire. If players are quick and also nimble enough, they have the right to avoid the dragons" fire by jumping off the bridge to the right at the end. Doing so lands them listed below the bridge. Transforming around, they"ll view a corpse under the bridge, lying with the bone shard.

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This Undead Bone Shard is the critical of the Shards uncovered in the game"s key storyline. Players must make their way through the grand Archives until they with the rooftops. If castle continue across the rooftops together they typically would while progressing through the game they"ll discover a broken home window to run through. The Undead Bone Shard deserve to be found on a corpse in a chair located near the ladder shortcut.

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