The mission the UCP of Orange county is to aid children v disabilities reach their complete potential and also improve the quality of life for your families.

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President and CEO

Dr. Ramin Baschshi M.D.

Main address

1251 E. Dyer roadway Suite 150

Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA

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Fundraising Contact

Ms. Christina Lim-Garkovich

Vice chairman of Philanthropy

Fundraising contact phone: (949) 333-6401

Physical Address

1251 E. Dyer road Suite 150

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Payment Address

1251 E. Dyer road Suite 150

Santa Ana, CA 92705

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Legal name of organization: unified Cerebral Palsy association of Orange County, Inc.

EIN for payable organization: 95-1856340



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Health Support services (E60)

Specifically Named conditions (G80)

Patient solutions - Entertainment, Recreation (E86)


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Children with disabilities are regularly marginalized by culture and face tremendous obstacles come achieving academic success, inclusion, and health services. Because the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, these youngsters have challenged even more access barriers, and also many have had their childcare or clinical appointments delayed, or cancelled altogether.UCP-OC has been on the front lines of this surging in need for services. Offered the vulnerability of youngsters with disabilities and the increasing demand for programs that resolve their situations, the need for infrastructure like UCP-OC is tremendous.

What space the organization's present programs, how do they measure success,and who carry out the program serve?

UCP-OC’s innovative clinical basic offers early intervention and three disciplines of pediatric therapy under one roof, ensuring that no child, disability, or age group is left behind. Throughout early intervention, our child development specialists identify and also treat delays in cognitive, social, or motor skills among infants eras 0-3. Similarly, UCP-OC’s pediatric therapists provide physical, occupational, and also speech therapy children and also youth periods 3-22. This services improve children’s fine motor, pistol motor, and speech skills. All of UCP-OC’s clinical employee have derived the appropriate academic qualifications and also licensure essential to deliver services and also are extremely qualified in their capacity to carry out an enriching, supportive, and also caring environment for children.

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Having a child with disabilities profoundly affect the entire family — not just the child. Due to the fact that of this, UCP-OC offers a broad range of supportive services to parents and siblings.•Recreation — when this regimen is at this time on hold because of COVID-19, UCP-OC offers seasonal recreational activities in the evenings and on weekends because that children, teens, and young adults. Us collaborate with neighborhood organizations and community people to carry out unique to chat opportunities, favor dance classes and also sailing lessons, to the children we serve. We look forward to hosting recreation events as shortly as they room safe for children and families come enjoy.•Inclusive Childcare — We administer a safety and security net for functioning parents and also an chance for kids with handicap to be consisted of in a usual after-school care setting. Skilled one-on-one aides job-related collaboratively with facility staff to appropriately assess, evaluate, and include kids with disability in tasks alongside their developmentally usual peers. This program focuses on kids who room not maybe to to visit pre-school, childcare, or after-school programs without additional support.•Respite treatment — This regimen is designed to administer a well-deserved break to the parents of kids with one-of-a-kind needs. UCP-OC assigns trained caregivers come supervise children in the house setting, providing parents time come take care of themselves, emphasis on your spouse and other children, and come ago revitalized to treatment for your child.•Family Support— UCP-OC believes the a true kind of long-lasting assistance engages the child’s family members. To that end, we administer ongoing educational workshops and support teams for families. Several of our past adult education workshops incorporate “Budgeting throughout The Pandemic,” “10 legitimate Protections for children with distinct Needs,” and also “Dental Hygiene,” among others.