Hyped for an additional round the , yet I’m gonna miss out on SanE’s crass sense of humor. Not sure yet how I feel about Yang Dong Geun hosting, but I’m ready to give him a try. Similar to last season, we’ve acquired a decent mix that idols, nugus, and has-beens. Is this the recipe for drama? only time will tell.

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Episode One: July 29, 2016

The show starts turn off in MNET’s infamous dark warehouse through members walking in one by one. Kassy’s first. Then giant Pink. I remember her together the girl who obtained dissed by the  judges for getting that far only due to the fact that she was happy to have weak opponents, yet the clips here are reflecting the judges praising her. Looks favor either or is being shady through the editing. A pig-tailed cutie to walk in. It’s Jeon Soyeon native . Aw. She’s tho in high school and says she doesn’t want to be good for she age, she wants to be an excellent period. Giant Pink walk a quick rank check. Kassy is 22, Jeon Soyeon 19. Gigantic Pink simply sighs. (Naver says she’s born in 1991 making she 26 in korean age.) then Ha Jooyeon enters. Some sob music plays if she talks around how she worked part time tasks after jewel disbanded and also how awkward she to be failing the preliminaries. Next up is Nada native idol group Wassup with black lipstick smeared anywhere her lips. Not the best look.

Oh snap! It’s Miryo. Everyone’s impressed and also super respectful. Been in the company 17 years. Looks favor she was traumatized by her stint top top whereby she flubbed she lyrics and she’s here for redemption. Enter Grazy elegant aka a Harley Quinn cosplayer. Disses every the other rappers because that being therefore boring and also the same. Come in all confident and also Giant Pink’s choose why don’t girlfriend sit down. Another cutie comes, this time it’s 23 year old Euna Kim native . Was a YG trainee, collaborated v Tasha, former member of The Ark, and also now she’s just a waitress in ~ an Italian restaurant. MNET puts with each other a sob story about Euna Kim being alone in Korea while her mom’s working hard in the us to assistance Euna Kim’s music career. Euna Kim asks if the other rappers space underground. Ha Jooyeon and also Miryo don’t recognize what come say while anyone looks approximately like “who’s this idiot?” Euna Kim calls giant Pink a horse, five wait no, she meant to asking if she to be on  but her oriental pronunciation sucks. LOL.

There’s one chair left, and cue the suspenseful music. Euna Kim states it’s because that Miryo, while everyone’s favor “Yo! She’s currently sitting right there.” The last spot is because that Yook Jidam, who’s currently apparently Jessi 2.0. MNET dram that well known mildangnyeo clip from . Yook Jidam’s acquired cocky due to the fact that we last witnessed her, informing the other contestants to suck up to her if they desire her help. The hardworking high school girl has grown approximately be a bitchy sorority girl, or at least that’s what she would certainly be if korean colleges had sororities.

Enter Yang Dong Geun. Anyone stands up and claps. It’s time because that cyphers. Gianteu Pinkeu’s acquired a good voice. Husky choose Jessi. Everyone’s impressed. Yook Jidam’s decent as always. Euna Kim’s good, many witty puns. Janey stands up for her rap. Grace stands up too. Everyone’s standing now. Jooyeon’s English sounds bad. The ladies all praise Miryo. Kassy messes up, apologizes, messes increase again, womp womp. Looks like we’ve found this season’s Lil’ Cham. Nada start off solid then forgets she lyrics. Then Yang Dong Geun calls for freestyle lab about first impressions. Jeon Soyeon volunteers to go very first and disses Nada saying she didn’t meet expectations. Nada fires back telling the kid to back off. Kassy go for Giant Pink, but her rap’s a mess. Huge Pink says it’s too lacking to justify a reply.

Now for the one take it cypher mission. Pre-commercial previews present there room gonna it is in a lot of mistakes.

The following day, everyone meets up to get on a bus. Looks like the music video filming is gonna take ar somewhere outside of Seoul. No huge drama yet, and also everyone’s gaining along well except for Kassy that doesn’t have actually anyone to speak to. MNET zooms in on she playing through her smartphone.

The ladies arrive at a music video set and it’s Primary creating track one for the cypher mission music video. The ladies job-related on their lyrics together. Kassy’s obtaining the Yezi edit, not understanding what’s walk on once everyone else is working difficult writing their raps.

Yook Jidam’s being super cocky. Telling the ladies they’re not taking things seriously enough, rolling her eyes in ~ Grace, and using informal speech. During interviews, elegant is all favor “How challenge she speak to Unnie prefer that, if only the camera’s weren’t around.” The ladies are as unimpressed with Yook Jidam’s raps together they room with her personality. Too many try-hard jokes. Miryo’s real nice about it though, walk on a roundabout way to phone call Yook Jidam the she sucks. They decision to go with Grace’s “burn it down” concept.

Enter Primary and the Director. They desire to offer the eight meter bridge to one person and ask the members to vote for the best rapper, prompting a mini showdown. Looks favor Jeon Soyeon, Miryo, and Giant Pink and also the frontrunners, with large Pink at some point getting the bridge. Large Pink’s favor “I have actually no rivals here.”

Makeup time because that the ladies and also then on come the filming. The MV starts through someone exiting a sporting activities car. Director asks who desires to it is in it. Yook Jidam’s choose “I want to!” Director’s prefer “Uh, no.” and picks the pretty girl, Janey. Go figure.

Everyone’s expecting great things native Miryo and also Ha Jooyeon together veterans, but Ha Jooyeon keeps flubbing her lines. So plenty of NGs. Director’s obtaining pissed. Currently Ha Jooyeon’s crying. Jidam is acting choose a diva through the assembly artists and also Janey is not having it. So many NGs for this. Janey, Grace, Kassy. The manager is obtaining pissed. That says, “Cut! Cut! Cut! NG! protect against messing up the lyrics! We need come finish before sunrise.” over there are 1.5 hours left before sunrise. Hilarious scenes v the females trying to run approximately fast sufficient from set to set through the logistics of the one take. Huge Pink look at fierce. Director’s obtaining pissed again. NG!

Later the day, the ladies space gathered for the music video reveal. The manager calls Jeon Soyeon the AlphaGo that the group. She didn’t make any mistakes. Everyone’s focused on their own raps but Grace is much more concerned about her looks. “Since once was my target that small. I have to work the end more.” She’s jealous of Nada’s boobs. Giant Pink impresses again. Jeon Soyeon calls her the protagonist the the video. Uh Oh. Euna Kim’s lipsyncing doesn’t enhance up. Euna Kim didn’t tell the manager she messed up and also the director simply moved on. Claims she felt bad making everyone wait since they to be running out of time, so she didn’t speak anything. Nada’s like, “is she kind, dumb, or simply lacking critical thinking skills?”

Time to poll for the best and worst rappers. Can’t vote for yourself though. The worst rapper gets fully edited out from the solitary and the music video. That’s harsh. Yang Dong Geun starts the votes for worst rapper v Ha Jooyeon. Now she’s crying again. Miryo tries come console her. She’s at sight nice. Jeon Soyeon is prefer “I hate once girls cry. They must stop crying and spend the time functioning harder.”

Janey votes for Yook Jidam for only thinking about her looks. Yook Jidam tries she hand at the Joker’s maniac laugh. Is this the rise of ours show’s villian? I’m surprised the MNET’s throwing she under the bus when they might have quickly just edited the out. I thought MNET to be trying to aid promote her by providing her a 2nd chance at , i guess not.

Yook Jidam through 1 vote. Ha Jooyeon through 2 votes. Kassy with 4 votes, Euna on 3. It’s under to the last vote. Last poll goes come Kassy solidifying her as the worst rapper. Cue the sad violin music.

The rest of the ripe rappers obtain their rings because that being component of monitor 1, and also then we gain to see the full video clip sans Kassy.

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And that’s the for episode 1. We acquired some setup because that rivalries and also a same amount of trash talking. Things are looking promising as there are sufficient unknown rappers the don’t however haves “images” come worry around protecting. I think many of the laddies are decent rappers, return I’m no convinced yet if there space any great rappers.