Can someone help me kind four various questions from each of this statements? below the declaration I put some ideas for the questions I want to ask in English, for part ideas. (elementary spanish so straightforward vocabulary please)

Mariana canta en el coro de la universidad. -Who sings in the university choir? -Where is the choir the Mariana sings in?

Carlos busca el libro de arte. -What is Carlos doing? -What is Carlos looking for? -What class is the book for? -Who is searching for their arts book?

La profesora Gutiérrez enseña contabilidad. -Who teaches accounting? -What course does Ms. Gutíerrez teach?

Ustedes necesitan hablar con el profesor de economía. -Who execute they have to talk to? -What carry out they need to do?

Really struggling--taking a summer course so the is fast-paced. I would really appreciate any type of help!!

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You room on the right path through your sentence in English. For each sentence in Spanish you have actually at the very least 4 pertinent words the can aid you to formulate her questions, because that example: Mariana (subject) - canta (verb) - coro (object-place) - universidad (place). You currently have who (Mariana) - where (universidad) handle in this case, you just need to formulate the inquiries for the various other two words, and then usage what you learned in course to kind each inquiry in Spanish.

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Also, please note that the rule here is that you have to show an effort, therefore please write-up your attempts therefore that us can check them and also maybe aid you form the remainder of the inquiries if it's necessary.

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Thanks because that your rapid response. The makes more sense-- who, what, where, and also why? an extremely helpful.

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Here is what I have for #1 so far. (Given Statement: Marianna canta en el coro de la universidad.)

Quién canta en el corro?

Por qué canta en el corro?

Te gusta cantas, Marianna?

Dónde la chica canta?

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