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OHIO 937-387-0485

INDIANA 765-518-4100

Ohio store Hours: MON-THURS: 10AM-8PM



Indiana keep Hours:MON-FRI: 11AM-7PM



Vandalia variety and Armory

Customers might shoot any type of pistol caliber up to and also including theSmith & Wesson 500 on our pistol range. Castle may likewise shootany long guns that fire a pistol cartridge—as well asshotguns—on the pistol lanes. Any highpoweredrifles(.223.338 Lapua) need to be shot on our rifle range.All VRA varieties are climate controlled.

Pistol selection cost is $18 every hour or $10 per halfhour.Pistol variety cost come share a lane (in enhancement to theoriginal range cost) is $9 every hour per human being or $6 perhalf hourper person. (Maximum three world per lane.)Handgun rentals $10/per gunRifle rentals $12/per gunA pistol/suppressor combination can be rented for $14 every gun per variety visit.Hand reloadedammunition is not allowed on thepistol range.Only VRA members can reserve a roadway in advancement onour pistol lanes.

General Pistol selection Rules:

Treat all weapons as despite they room loadedKeep her finger off the trigger until you are on target and also have made decision to firePoint muzzle in a for sure direction at every times (toward the ceiling)Be certain of her target, and also what is past itWomen who space pregnant are not permitted on the rangeAny human under the influence of drugs or alcohol room not allowed to usage the range, and will it is in asked come leaveEar and eye defense are required at every times when on the rangeHand made re-loads space not allowed on the pistol range, yet re-loads are allowed on the rifle rangeNo black powder ~ above the pistol rangeVRA suppressors need to be offered on VRA rentals, no exceptionsKeep the firearm sharp down variety at all timesNever go forward of the shooting line unless instructedPlease respect, and also follow the accuse of the selection officer on dutyIn the event of skepticism follow every firearm security precautions, and ask your selection officer because that assistanceEveryone has actually the duty for selection safety.If you have a jam or malfunction that you are unable to clean please contact an RSO because that assistance.When start the range please take every firearms, ammo, and also magazines come the firing line (muzzles pointed in for sure direction).Once whatever is inserted at the firing heat shooters may ar their personal items ~ above the table behind them.Magazines have the right to be invited behind the firing line, yet firearms whould be left at the shoot lineWhen no shooting, weapons on the shooting line need to be unloaded magazine gotten rid of (semi-auto), cylinder open (revolver), and muzzle(s) pointedin safe directionOnly one firearm may be loaded on the firing heat at a timeOnly two people enabled in a shoot booth at one time, three civilization total per lane rentalThree round quick fire dominion – three shots – stop – 3 shots – pause, etc.Targets are to it is in attached to the target backer below the tape heat (pistol lanes only)

Have a question around a details range rule, or why it exists? simply ask, andwill it is in happy to clarify any of the rule we have actually in place!

Rifle Range:

Our rifle selection preferred calibers are .223 to .338 Lapua.If you have a rifle/caliber you are uncertain aboutshooting, you re welcome ask one our staff in advancement and us willbe happy to assist you.Rifle range cost is $18 every hour or $10 per halfhour.Rifle rentals $12/ every gunA rifle/suppressor mix can be rented for $16 pergun per selection visit.Rifle selection cost come share a lane (in addition to theoriginal range cost) is $10 per hour per person or $6 perhalfhourper person. (Maximum three human being per lane.)Both VRA members and nonmemberscan make reservation alane in advance for our rifle range.When beginning the range please take every firearms, ammo, and also magazines come the firing heat (muzzles pointed down range).Once everything is placed at the line shooters deserve to place their personal items top top the table behind them.Magazines have the right to be loaded behind the shoot line, however all firearms will stay at the line. All guns will be invited at the firing line.

General Rifle selection Rules and Guidelines (In addition to the rule above):

Shooters will certainly be top top camera.No black color powder rifles are allowed.No steel core ammunition of any kind is allowed.No armed forces tracer ring of any type of kind space allowed.VRA suppressors need to be used only on VRA rentalguns. No exceptions.Ammunition is topic to inspection—no exceptions.AK47rifles must have actually an optic ~ above them. No opensights.Shooters will be hosted responsible for any type of damagescaused by vandalism, irresponsibility, or negligence.Shooters must have their rifles boring sighted former toshooting. VRA will assist with orprovide this service.Shooters must show adequate accuracy. VandaliaRange & Armory reserves the best to pull any type of shootersoff the selection without a refund if deemed necessary.

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Have a question around a certain range rule, or why that exists? just ask, and also we will be happy to clarify any of the rules we have in place!


$15 every gunAppraisals are for value and also insurance purposes only.They do not stand for a tradeinvalue in ~ VRA.