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StainChoose an optionBalsam GreenBison BrownBrackish BrownCharcoal GrayCoastal GrayGarden GreenGolden CedarGranite GrayRoyal CherryAcorn BrownAutumn RedCaspian ClearLakeside CedarSterling Gray
SizeChoose an option5 GallonGallonQuartSample - 8 oz.Clear

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The beauty, beauty of stain & the defense of a sealerDelivers color & water proofer deep into woodProtects against moisture and also harmful UV raysAvailable in quarts, gallons and also five-gallon pailsEasy application-soap and water cleanupAvailable in our initial colors Caspian Clear, autumn Red, Lakeside Cedar, Acorn Brown, Sterling Gray, plus nine all-new colors: Charcoal Gray, seaside Gray, Granite Gray, Bison Brown, Brackish Brown, imperial Cherry, gold Cedar, Balsam Green, and Garden Green.This product is no recommended top top IPE, Mahogany or exotic timber horizontal surfacesUSE ON: any kind of new, press treated or weathered wood. If used over oil-based or water-based stains, sand thoroughly to eliminate film build so the Penetrating Stain deserve to penetrate the wood. Carry out not use over finishes.

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Exterior Penetrating Stain Product Profile

Exterior Penetrating Stain safety and security Data Sheet 

Exterior Penetrating Stain shade Sheet

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Two coats of end up are encourage for full protection. Second coat need to be used while the first coat is tho damp (if the very first coat totally dries the 2nd coat will certainly not have the ability to penetrate). This product is no recommended for usage on IPE, Mahogany, or various other exotic woods.Do not use when rain is expected in the next 48 hours.


Stir well prior to use.Always test the stain on a sample piece of hardwood to confirm compatibility and desired appearance.If wood has actually been formerly coated, sand to eliminate all film construct to enable Penetrating Stain to pass through the wood. Use with brush, paint pad, foam brush or spray. Execute not thin. Thinning will an outcome in diminished product performance. Use an also coat with the grain of the wood and also maintain a wet edge. Coat the end grain of every exposed boards.Two coats room recommended. Apply 2nd coat if the an initial coat is still damp. Do not sand between coats.Apply once air and surface temperature are in between 50 and 80 levels Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 40%-60%.Under normal problems treated lumber will be totally cured in 48 hours. One gallon will certainly cover approximately 200-400 sq ft. Depending on the porosity of the wood.

Real customer Photos

Jason Greg

Garden Beds through Exterior wood Stain

Exterior Polywhey penetrating hardwood stain in Sterling Gray on his raised beds, and was an extremely happy through his results. Perfect project. Turned out an excellent with the Polywhey. Ty for your help.

Raised bed before Hemp Oil.

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Raised bed after ~ Hemp Oil.
Sterling grey exterior penetrating stain

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