Would the wand of tricks work in the tomb. The book says that the spell uncover Traps falls short in the tomb, yet the wand of tricks does no technically cast this spell. Among my football player is an artificer and as among his infusions he choose the wand of keys replication. Is there something im missing? Thanks!


I mean, eventually whether the wand functions in the dig or no is your call as the DM. It’s true the a wand of keys doesn’t directly cast find traps, but it could be said that the tomb would have been enchanted in together a means that comparable effects fail together well. Whether you desire it to occupational or not, I’d speak you have actually a reasonable situation either way and have the right to make whatever contact you want.

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That being said, if ns were you, i would enable it to occupational for a pair reasons. First, the wand only has 3 charges and also regains fees gradually and randomly. Contrasted to a tomb filled come the brim with fatality traps and deadly situations, I’d say allowing the party to detect the places of a few as they go is insignificant. If the party dram carefully and constantly and thoroughly searches every room prior to going also far, they can theoretically uncover lot of the same information with or there is no the wand, so ns really don’t check out the wand gift game/dungeon breaking. Due to the fact that the wand just tells friend the location, no the nature, the a trap or door, I’d to speak there’s sufficient room there to offer the party a heads-up around some upcoming death traps as soon as they select to use it, and also since it has restricted uses, ns think it’s fair to allow them to usage it, especially due to the fact that the tomb has actually magical trap that would certainly be much harder to recognize without a nudge in the ideal direction.

Second, and much an ext importantly imo, the player went out of their method to pick to be able to replicate the wand, safety a course feature to do so, most likely with the knowledge that a trap-filled tomb lays at the end of their journey. If they had the foresight and creativity to select to sink in that resource to shot to make their exploration safer, I’d say they knife the right to use it through the tomb for comes up with such a solution. If you want to include some more restrictions to keep the article from offering away all the tomb’s tricks, you can have the dig interfere v magically creating/enchanting items as well, to protect against the artificer from constantly recreating the wand therefore they have actually more minimal uses of it. The publication may carry out some details on the tomb, but you’re tho the DM, and from the view of Acererak, it makes tiny sense to leave item enchantment and creation unimpaired in the tomb, since enabling such a thing would permit an invader far an ext adaptability together they endeavor through that depths.

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This also makes sense from a game architecture perspective, as the adventure, to me, is more about preparing for the unavoidable dive into the tomb and also doing all you can to even the tomb’s uneven odds than being able come magic up options to any kind of problem together you react to the tomb’s traps. The party should only go into the tomb when they think they room ready, and also they should have actually relatively restricted ways to it is adapted and readjust their obtainable tools along the way.