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Latest problems -Metric Units
57°F14°CFeels prefer 57°F 13.9°CHumidity 83%Wind patience
Dew point 52°FCeiling N/A
Solar Rad 0 w/m2
Barometer 29.93 in. 760.2 mm - Steady
Report indigenous 1.1 mile WSW of central San Diego Wild animal Park in ~ 9:00 afternoon Fri, Oct 22, 2021

SatOct 2365°F
SunOct 2469°F
MonOct 2561°F
TueOct 2668°F
Forecast Details
Partly cloudy through patchy drizzle. Lows approximately 54°F. West wind come 6 MPH, gusting to 11 MPH.
Saturday Oct 23
Day: partially cloudy v rain showers. Highs around 65°F. South southwest wind 4 to 10 MPH, gusting come 18 MPH. Opportunity of precipitation 20 percent.
Night: partly cloudy. Lows roughly 51°F. South southwest wind come 6 MPH, gusting come 11 MPH.
Sunday Oct 24
Day: partially cloudy. Highs approximately 69°F. East southeast wind to 9 MPH, gusting to 16 MPH.
Night: partly cloudy v scattered showers. Lows about 53°F. Light wind. Possibility of precipitation 40 percent.
Monday Oct 25
Day: mainly cloudy v rain likely. Highs around 61°F. South-east wind 5 to 11 MPH, gusting come 19 MPH. Opportunity of precipitation 70 percent.
Night: partly cloudy v scattered showers. Lows about 49°F. Southwest wind to 7 MPH, gusting to 14 MPH. Possibility of precipitation 50 percent.
Tuesday Oct 26
Day: largely sunny. Highs roughly 68°F. Northeast wind to 7 MPH, gusting to 14 MPH.
Night: Clear. Lows approximately 52°F. West wind come 6 MPH, gusting come 12 MPH.
Wednesday Oct 27
Day: Sunny. Highs about 76°F. Northeast wind to 6 MPH, gusting come 11 MPH.
Night: Clear. Lows approximately 56°F. West wind come 5 MPH, gusting to 10 MPH.
Thursday Oct 28
Day: Sunny. Highs approximately 82°F. Eastern southeast wind come 5 MPH, gusting to 11 MPH.
Night: largely clear. Lows roughly 76°F. Light wind.

Sun & MoonMonthly
Morning Twilight6:33 AM
Waning Gibbous
Sunrise6:58 AM
Sunset6:06 PM
Evening Twilight6:31 PM

Contiguous United states Extremes
Fri"s High Temperature: 96 at Zapata Tx and also Falcon Lake Tx
Fri"s low Temperature: 11 at Antero Reservoir Co

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