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My chemistry Romance, frequently abbreviated to MCR, is one American rock band developed in 2001 in Newark, new Jersey. Consisting mainly of Gerard Way, candid Iero, Mikey Way, and Ray Toro, the group came to be one of the seminal pop-punk and third-wave emo bands of the mid-late 2000s before their breakup in 2013. In 2019, it to be announced that the team would reunite for a present in Los Angeles.


My Chemical romance was created in 2001 and originally contained Gerard Way, Mikey Way, frank Iero, and also Ray Toro alongside Matt Pelissier. The team released their very first studio album I carried You mine Bullets, You lugged Me your Love top top July 23rd, 2002. When the album was not commercially successful, it assisted cultivate an secret following, especially online with sites prefer MySpace.<1> In 2003, the team signed a major record resolve Reprise documents where they would release the album Three Cheers because that Sweet Revenge top top June 8th, 2004, though this would certainly be the last album to attribute Pelissier, v him being replaced by Bob Bryar.<2> The album featured your breakthrough fight "I"m not Okay (I Promise)" and "Helena," 2 of the band"s most well-known singles (shown below).

On October 23rd, 2006. The team released their third studio album The black color Parade. A absent opera and concept album, it speak the story the "The Patient," a character that dies the cancer and their subsequent journey v death and also the afterlife.<3> The album was a basic success and also is frequently regarded as the band"s ideal work, with the album spawning singles such as "Welcome come the black color Parade" and also "Famous critical Words" (shown below). The previous being the band"s only top 10 fight in the US. The album would later on be reissued in 2016 to mark the album"s 10th anniversary, titled The black color Parade/Living v Ghosts. Bryar would certainly depart the band in 2010.

In 2010, the tape released their fourth studio album Danger Days: The True stays of the Fabulous Killjoys, which was one more concept album adhering to a corridor of outsiders recognized as The Killjoys and their adventures fighting the evil corporation better Living sectors in a post-apocalyptic California. The album would later on be followed up by the compilation album Conventional Weapons prior to their ultimate breakup on march 22nd, 2013.

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On October 31st, 2019, the band"s social media account all readjusted their file pics to display a candle with a symbol. This to be shortly followed up through the announcement of a reunion present to take ar on December 20th in Los Angeles. The announcement additionally coincided with the development of an official Instagram account because that the band. The announcement was extended by a variety of music and rock publication such as Pitchfork,<5> Billboard,<6> Loudwire,<7> and also Kerrang.<8>