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Check out our 3 newest shades! Taupe together A Joke, Peach because that The Stars and Lilac A Virgin.It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Wonder Gel! The very first gel formula the doesn’t require a height coat and cures without a lamp, this nail color breakthrough is about to end up being your nail MVP. Provides up to 2 weeks of color and also shine in 1 straightforward step.
Up come 2 mainly of shade & shine based on consumer gradingNo UV Light compelled No Harsh removal 3-Free! No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates!
Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Tosylamide/Epoxy Resin, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, isopropil Alcohol, Di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Ethyl Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphinate, Benzophenone-1, Dimethicone, <+/- (MAY CONTAIN/PEUT CONTENIR): Titanium Dioxide/CI 77891, Aluminum Powder/CI 77000, iron Oxides/ CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Mica, Red 6/CI 15850, Red 7/CI 15850, Red 34/CI 15880, Blue 1/CI 42090, Yellow 5/CI 19140, Yellow 10/CI 47005, Ultramarines/CI 77007, Ferric Ferrocyanide/CI 77510, black color 2/CI 77266>. 0715
Rated 5 the end of 5 by mrsmandm from never ever buy another nail polish again I have purchased countless polishes, gels and also lamps, however this polishing is by far the finest polish ns have ever purchased. I gained them at family dollar and decided to buy 4 colors. I am for this reason glad i did however the method this walk on is smooth and also easy. Ns usually have to use dark colour on my nails since I hate having to do multiple coats, but these colors walk on smooth and also thick yet don"t worry because it dries way faster than continuous polish. I use a super dry on my nails and also I virtually didn"t want to use it top top this polish but I had actually to. The finest polish I ever bought.
Rated 4 out of 5 by mellybabydoll indigenous because that the most part I am incredibly happy v this polish. I bought it at Walgreens on clearance for $2 no expecting anything unique , however I to be pleasantly surprised! that takes 3 coats to really look nice and glossy and perfectly even, but if you have actually the patience friend can acquire a yes, really gorgeously gel-like thickness and appearance. Just be certain to height it through a glossy taco because it doesn’t dry down an extremely shiny. That did outlive a regular polish yet didn’t execute to the same degree salon-applied gelatin would, yet I didn’t suppose that in ~ this price anyway.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by kates20 from ns am very impressed by this nail polish. I bought 3 colors recently and also I love castle all. My just complaint is that once it"s on, the peach is much more of one orange-y peach than I have tendency to like. The goes on the pretty thin coats which provides a 3rd coat necessary however once you have the 3rd coat on that looks perfect. Also after 3 coats it"s still very close to her nail, not a thick layer if that makes sense. Due to the fact that of that it doesn"t chip easily and just appears stronger than most nail polish. For the price this is a very, very good product.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by rochelle8101 from for starters. It’s at sight affordable. I picked this up for just a $1 at dollar tree. They have a ton of different shades to pick from. This polish is at sight opaque. Relying on your applications this deserve to be a one coat polish. The brush is a broad brush therefore if you’re not supplied to functioning with broad brushes u could have a difficult time. For me it’s perfect because that my nails. One swipe and also they are completely covered. I personally go in and apply 2 coats only because 1 or 2 pond may have actually a lil light spot that have the right to be covered yet that’s me being picky. U don’t need a pond lamp for this reason that’s a add to if u don’t have one. That dries under super shining. Yet for a durable manicure i recommend utilizing a top coat come seal whatever in. All at once I would very recommend
Rated 5 out of 5 by cotton from Wonder gel love Perfect black, an excellent coverage, couldn’t ask for more!
Rated 5 out of 5 through amberfd indigenous This nail polish is my absolute favorite! i bought the on a whim last summer in ~ CVS and the cashier said me how an excellent these work and also that she is obsessed with them, which make me excited and also gave me high expectations. I used the white shade on my toes and nails and WOW! This pond polish continued to be on, did not chip, love the brush applicator, straightforward to remove, and the colors are great. I bought another pale pink shade and plan top top buying more because these room the finest nail polishes I"ve ever before used! They"re also really cheap for the quality.
Rated 5 out of 5 through kristim8 indigenous I"ve purchase these more than any kind of other pond polish brand or type. Not only are they affordable but they critical so lengthy on my nails, days and also days. That"s pretty much unheard that with any type of other standard polish. There"s something to this gel-like consistency it has that, ns believe, renders the polish an ext flexible and, therefore, resilient on my nails. Admittedly, these perform take part time to dry. That is important to job-related in slim coats and also give castle ample time to try, even with a quick-drying optimal coat. These space not the polishes ns reach for once I have to run out the door. However if I want to repaint my nails and also keep castle that color for a week with only fairly minor touch-ups these are absolutely my go-to. And also at together an affordable price, I very recommend them.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by carat2255 indigenous ns remember as soon as I was small the wet n wild brand is what every the small girls had cause it was yes, really cheap and also we can mess it increase or I would certainly mix colour to discover a new color i didn"t have. Nowadays? Wow the wet n wild brand hasn"t lost its funkyness yet now I"d say it has an edge i don"t remember it having actually when ns was younger. Ns love this shade particularly its for this reason bright but not neon and fun and beautiful! choose a grown increase you don"t need to feel favor a 10 year old small girl as soon as you wear it blue! fun colors
Rated 3 the end of 5 through pandemonyx from Pretty great for the price. Ns bought this in really hopes it would certainly last much longer than conventional nail polish due to the fact that I work with my hand a lot and also usually can"t even get through the very first day without chipping! I can say the while I get an extra pair of job of wear before that happens, the doesn"t fairly compare come the wear ns can get out of other brands. The one-step application is convenient, yet I uncover I reach for either a quick-drying product or a more durable polishing over this, depending on my needs.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by daniella_8 from This baby is my go to!! ns love this shade so much it is like a tan brown and it is therefore beautiful ns love it ns love that your nail does no feel heavy and also it dries supervisor fast! all I use is 2 coats and also my nail is covered great is doesn"t really need a clear coat top top top however it looks for this reason pretty with a clean coat! brings the light out an ext and bring the color and also looks therefore pretty! i would definitely recommend this product and you deserve to pretty much uncover it anywhere, because that the price you i do not know beat it!
Rated 5 the end of 5 by briannal1 from ns picked these 2 colors up trying to discover something come last much longer than a couple of days, since I job-related at a vet, and constantly have my hands in chemicals. This lasted for about 4 days which is really great for the circumstances. It’s basic to apply. Looks really good, i didn’t usage this brands peak coat. I simply used a rapid dry height coat and they to be still super shiny, and looked impressive until it started chipping. All at once If friend don’t do lot with her hands this would be nice because that you!
Rated 5 the end of 5 by jenniferloftis indigenous ns love the wide brush make it straightforward to repaint without acquiring it on the skin. Girlfriend get almost a complete coverage through one coat depending on nail length. Doesn"t require a UV Light. Its no runny or also thick make it just smoothly gliding on. Dry time is remarkable by the moment you start on your various other hand the 1st one is dry also if you require extra coats, so the doesn"t yes, really smudge. Lasts a longer than other polishes. The price is amazing likewise you can go to dollar tree and also get it for $1.
Rated 5 out of 5 through smalltownglam from ns love the WNW gelatin polishes and also over the years I"ve built up almost every shade. There room some creamy pastels that space my favorite and the intense opacity they sell is really distinctive to this brand and this formula. The formula is also really easy to use in just one, or occasionally two coats. That dries reasonably quickly, which is a plus, and also the end up is an extremely long wearing! In my opinion, these polishes are probably the best value at your local drugstore or Walmart!
Rated 1 the end of 5 through complexion from i m really sorry Wet N Wild... These space absolute garbage. Ns did 2 coats v this polishing (which is a beautiful color and the remainder of the shade range is gorgeous too) but I had chips the next day! about four days into wearing, fifty percent of mine nails just have fifty percent the polish left on them due to the fact that the rest has actually chipped off. The shade I have (Pinky Swear) is also really streaky once applied... Even with two coats. This is just a vast pass because that me. Time to an episode the polishing remover.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by kendallko native I have actually this pond polish in several different colors, but my favourite is most likely Stay Classy. The color is very, well... Classy haha. That goes fine with plenty of different skin tones and also outfit colors. The brush is broad and stop a many polish, making because that a quick, easy, and also smooth application. Add to the polish lasts a good amount the time ~ above the nails (I usage the Seche Vite guideline coat through it and also it works well). Highly recommend; because that the price, you really can’t go wrong.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Brenda C from well worth it! mine daughter recommended it and glad she did. Staying power for sure!
Rated 5 the end of 5 by jenociax indigenous This is probably my all-time favorite pond polish ever. It doesn"t chip and also stays on for such a long time! It has actually a quite consistency and isn"t a supervisor dry polish like countless others. This color is for this reason beautiful, favor a dusty rose! as soon as you"re prepared to remove it, it comes off very easily. I"ve found that ns don"t even really need a remover, it simply peels off in one large piece, yet still doesn"t chip, i m sorry is some sort of magic. I"ll certainly be getting other colors!
Rated 5 out of 5 through Lydley native Love it! loved the color and also brush makes it less complicated to apply.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by rea1wi1dchi1d indigenous oh my GOD. This formula is amazing. Together someone who encounters chipped nails on a regular day basis, and is impatient about the drying/oxidizing process, this polish LASTS. If you"re spring for quick dry this have to be in your go to polish and it"s exceptionally inexpensive and durable. I uncover it"s most efficient on my toes, and also a past friend of mine encountered the exact same experience before I even told her!!! Crazy, extremely reccomend and I love that it"s gel!
Rated 5 the end of 5 by daniellel468a native good nail polish! I have no complaints. The shade is therefore pretty, it"s a nice irradiate blue / purple ish color, an ext blue looking and also pastel. A few coats yes, really strengthens the color. This polishing dried quickly and also has a quite shine to it, v a glossy finish. This brand is cruelty free, which ns love. I received this items in a Voxbox native Influenster and also am for this reason happy I gained to try it. Through such a good experience with this pond polish, I setup to try other colors!
Rated 5 out of 5 through nicolekh indigenous This polish is incredible!!! The price is fantastic, it’s long lasting and it has actually helped me flourish out my nails. I can’t purchased to be going for gel polish manicures repeatedly so it’s nice to have this as an alternative to use at home. I have has actually no problems with mine nails being stained. I wish I was able to find much more colours...not sure if the colour range is just tiny or if the stores i go to just don’t lug many. Love, love, love and highly recommend!
Rated 4 the end of 5 by anonymous from This shade is so pretty. The drying procedure took end ten minutes yet the results were remarkable for a 1-Step gelatin done at home. Ns bought this product ~ above a whim at one of supermarket beauty, beauty sections because that a tiny over $3. Honestly girlfriend can’t beat that price in comparison to the cost spent at a nail salon. If you have actually a steady hand and also don’t psychic the wait because that the nails to dry, i would absolutely recommend this as either a quick fix or a budgeting hack.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by missyl10 indigenous Not also long ago I wanted to shot the Wet n Wild gelatin Nail Polish. Ns went and also bought one and also I couldn"t believe how an excellent it stayed on my nails. I had never do the efforts a gel polish before. I normally have mine polishes to begin coming or chipping off after 1-2 days but the Wet n Wild stayed on really an excellent and it is long 6 days prior to I also had a chip in it. I love their gelatin polish and I will certainly be to buy more. I do recommend this product. It"s great!!
Rated 5 out of 5 through jtecxidor native ns love this color, it goes ~ above nice and also smooth and dries fast. If you use a topcoat this polish will certainly last job without any kind of chipping! I even washed dishes and they tho looked great. I usually only have to apply one coat. Other colors 2 coats. The color itself to be true to it"s Teal name and really beautiful. I feel it would look great on every skin types! I have actually several colors of this polish and it"s by much my favorite pond polish line.
Rated 1 the end of 5 through bobbij730 from ns was confident this was going to be a product the I can at least get a work-week that wear the end of, however sadly the is not the case. This generally chips in ~ the very first day, like any kind of other constant nail polish. I was likewise just not typically impressed with the shade as castle don"t really complement the label and also that is really the only method to choose the shade in the store without opened every bottle because the party itself is black.
Rated 5 the end of 5 by cotton from One step wonder gels t cooler than a nude Eskimo I have actually no idea exactly how I achieve this however I absolutely love that I trade a lot of makeup v friends it must have acquired it somewhere down the heat either way I love it! What i did was placed a basic coat then placed a base shade wait for the to dried then placed the gelatin on and also when the gel is about halfway dry take a security pin and draw designs that eliminate the gel to disclose the shade underneath after ~ that placed a end up coat climate voila
Rated 5 the end of 5 through thatarianagymlife native Blown far by this line. You’ll it is in shocked in ~ how easily this polish dries. Yes, really cute colour though i wish they’d offer a few more. They’re choose $2-3 and that’s a steal considering how an excellent these are. Pretty applicator, offers you an also coat the first time around and also lasts way longer than constant polish. Correctly you might get much more color range in other brands but they don’t come close come this polish’s staying power
Rated 5 the end of 5 by celinat35d5 indigenous these polishes room amazing! i love castle sm the brush form is yes, really nice since it’s curved similar to nails bed are, it provides application easy and also simple! The formula is super an excellent for a gel polish that doesn’t require curing! It remains on because that a mainly or two and also doesn’t chip away every in one item like a the majority of gel’s do! These helped me grow my nails while keeping them polished! Love them! They’re always a great grab!
Rated 4 out of 5 by ashleym68d5 native i bought this at Walgreens the various other day since it to be on sale- I wanted a pretty color for fall and hate having actually to go pay to get my nails done due to the fact that they always chip (even the gel) in ~ a work or two and also it damages my nails v the harsh removed . I decided to shot this and it was very easy come apply. The color is precisely what i was wanting. I’m not sure just how long it will last however I’ll try to update once I recognize :)
Rated 5 out of 5 through tash_star_1 native ns really prefer this polish especially that the is one step. The gloss end up is really pretty and shiny. It lasts pretty long and I love that you have the right to remove it with constant acetone instead of having actually to soak forever. No led is required for this polish. There room a range of colors available to suit any kind of occasion and also trend. I generally buy your pink colors. Very pigmemted so no much more than 1-2 coats neede to attain color.
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I started wearing the 1 step gel last week and also I love it! It’s tho on and also going strong. My concern is just how do I eliminate the polish as soon as it’s time?