Deus Ex is a cyberpunk-themed activity role-playing video game franchise collection in the 21st century about mystery societies fighting for power and also control end the world, with a focus on human body augmentation and the in-world controversies bordering it. The an initial game in the collection was exit in June 2000, spawning several sequels end the next two decades. The collection has obtained a huge online following, bring about a number of memes and a growing fan art and also modding community.

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Deus Ex & Deus Ex: Invisible War

The initial game, Deus Ex, (cover presented below, left) was developed by Ion Storm and released on June 17th, 2000, for PC. Over the years, it has actually received global acclaim, often regarded as among the best video games of all time. A sequel called Deus Ex: Invisible War (cover displayed below, right) was released ~ above December 3rd, 2003, for the original Xbox console and also PC. Return the sequel received positive reception, it was criticized because that being oversimplified and technically broken.


Deus Ex: human Revolution & Deus Ex: The Fall

On respectable 23rd, 2011, Deus Ex: human Revolution, arisen by Eidos Montreal, was released for PC and also consoles, receiving overwhelming worship as a go back to the series" roots (cover shown below, left). A mobile video game named Deus Ex: The Fall, to be released in July 2013 for iOS and Android devices, which very closely follows a storyline regarded Human Revolution (app icon shown below, right).


The relax of Human Revolution also saw the release of a tie-in comic book and also novel. Over there have because been a variety of novels, novellas and also comics based on the series.<11>

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

On April 8th, 2015, ~ a three-day promotional occasion on Twitch<9>, a trailer for the sequel to Human Revolution, titled Mankind Divided, to be released ~ above YouTube.<10>

On august 23rd, 2016, the video game released ~ above PC and also consoles. Mankind Divided received mainly positive reviews, although is often considered inferior come Human Revolution.





Online Presence

The Deus Ex collection is widely known and acclaimed online, through a huge fan presence, consisting of a Wikia<4> page and also a subreddit<5> with over 39,000 members. ~ above Deviant Art,<15> a find for "Deus Ex" reflects over 15,000 results.

Modding Community

The Deus Ex collection has a strong modding community, found largely top top ModDB<6>, specifically surrounding the very first game. These encompass graphical mods and also texture packs to mods completely transforming the game. Among the most famous mods, exit on march 14th, 2009, through ModDB user Trestkon, titled "The Nameless Mod," is a whole-game conversion including two new 15-hour-long storylines to play through (trailer presented below). The mod has actually been downloaded over 58,000 times in 12 years.


Deus Ex is continuously the subject of mim by its fanbase, v fans usually using references and also imagery concerned the collection to new meme layouts as they pop up. One of the key hubs for these mim is /r/deusex.

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<13> The top article on the website as of might 12th, 2021, to be posted top top September 9th, 2016, by u/smartbrowsering, reading, "My office email this particular day feels like DeusEx" complied with by an email reading like an email from the game, garnering end 2,400 upvote in five years (shown below).