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What Scares girlfriend The Most is a collection of photoshopped pictures based on photo by the comedy project noticeable Plant. The original photograph features a collection of kids being asked what scares lock the most, a parody of a Halloween questionnaire that would be uncovered on one elementary institution classroom bulletin board.. To edit of the image function other answers indigenous the students for comedic effect.


On October 19th, 2016, the comedy project obvious Plant posted an image parody of 4 students comment the question "What Scares girlfriend the Most?" as part of a Halloween questionnaire. While three of the 4 students determined simple, child-like fears, such as "Werewolves" and also "Ghosts," the third child, Dylan, answered, "The unstoppable marching that time that is progressively guiding us all towards an inescapable death." The post (shown below) received much more than 1,800 likes on Instagram <1> and 63,000 points (81% upvoted) and also 1,500 comments on the /r/Funny subreddit. <2>



The adhering to day, Redditor<3> butjustlikewhy published a sports of the photo in which Dylan answers, "The American public is being fooled into voting against their very own interests via the corruption two-party oligarchy that falsely portrays themselves to be legitimate democratic options." The post (shown below, left) received much more than 30 points (76% upvoted) in 2 years.

On October 21st, the Facebook<4> team Drunken Irish mim posted a variation in i m sorry Dylan answer "British Occupation." The write-up (shown below, center) received much more than 670 points, 120 comments and 50 shares.

On October 23rd, on facebook <5> user Lachlan McDonald posted a sport that functions the Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker answering, "Sand," a recommendation to the I dislike Sand meme. The short article (shown below, center) received an ext than 1,300 reactions, 135 shares and also 190 comments in much less than two years.

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Two year later, on might 24th, 2018, Redditor<6> SicWik posted the original photo in the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. However, in this version, Catherine, the final child, answers, "-Dylan." The article received an ext than 12,000 points (88% upvoted) and 2,800 comments.