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- Nah, ns ain"t gots to do nothin".

- you the past, bro. My time is now.

- You ready to die, nigga?

- Yeah. (4)


- What the fuck are you gonna do? shooting me in the elevator?

- gain down!

- Lisa, come here!

- friend okay, brother? you okay?

- below is somethin" you can"t understand.

- exactly how I can just kill a man!

- I"m ignorin" all the dumb shit, yo, since nothin" is comin" from it.


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Fatness never ever prospereth.
You done slid down a razor blade and also landed in a alcohol river.
Juice (1992) Sound Clip


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Actors: Omar Epps (Quincy "Q" Powell), Tupac Shakur (Bishop), Khalil Kain (Raheem), Jermaine Hopkins (Eric "Steel" Thurman)

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