And that’s the biggest takeaway that this video. If drunk text massage is miscellaneous he just does as soon as in a blue moon then it truly isn’t a problem. The can even be sweet to see your guy be vulnerable in this way, and if he’s no your man simply yet… it deserve to be a window into his feelings for you. That’s a win-win.

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So because that the many part, you shouldn’t take it drunk texting also personally.

If that a guy you haven’t talked to in 5 years, a arbitrarily drunk text most likely just way he to be lonely or horny and thinking that you.

If it’s someone you’re nearby with, it no necessarily mean he’s privately in love with you. Try to take it it in stride and also have a feeling of humour around it all.

When to Worry around Drunk Texting

But when must you it is in worried about drunk texting? well if that only ever texts you when drunk or if it i do not care a recurring design template in her relationship, then this is a potential red flag.

Severity additionally matters. Basically, exactly how drunk is he, actually? having actually a couple of beers and getting mushy is a much cry from something favor this

You’ve gained n ass thix saeh fdsafd;;;;.

So you’ll need to decide because that yourself whereby his texts lie on that scale.

The reasons Why men Send Drunk Texts

And it also matters why he’s drunk texting you. There space three potential negative motivations behind drunk texting.

1. He only wants you when he’s drunk

This is true if he no respect girlfriend or want much more than just a loot call.

This can certainly be a factor also in males who are totally sober but alcohol deserve to shine a irradiate on it.

Does he just text you so late at night as soon as he’s been out through his buddies? If so, his compliments and also smooth lines must be taken through a grain of salt.

2. He’s emotionally closed off

Call it what you want: emotionally unavailability, immaturity or a short EQ–it’s a problem many men transaction with. Men are taught by society to be ashamed of their emotions.

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If he have the right to only it is in sweet come you once he’s had a couple of beers, this is something come consider. But this one doesn’t need to be a dealbreaker. It really relies on how necessary this type of affection is to you.

3. He has actually a severe drinking problem

This is the one you really need to worry about. If this is the situation then chances are the action goes past just drunk texting and is beginning to influence his life no to cite your relationship. Drunk texting can be a hint in ~ a larger problem if that happening regularly.

Consider his partnership with alcohol…can he have actually a good time there is no a drink in his hand? does he spend every Saturday at the club and every Sunday sick in bed?

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A small overindulgence is far from a deal breaker but it’s something come be aware of if you want to move forward v this guy and build a future together.

So listed that nobody of these three scenarios apply, what must you execute if he sends out you a drunk text? i find many women have actually a trouble knowing what to say.

Even if you don’t mind, it have the right to still be hard to interact with him since you two room in different states (namely: he is drunk and you’re sober). Ns recommend simply being yourself, regardless of the state he is in. And don’t be fear to poke funny at him for being drunk.

How come Respond to His Drunk Texts

If you don’t mind the texts but don’t know how to speak to him once he’s prefer this, that’s okay too. It’s not constantly easy to text a guy you like. Wait till the following morning and also then hit him with something playful like:

Hahaha sounds favor you were having actually fun last night


I guess wine makes you think that me lol

And finally, the the content of the texts that problem most. If what he’s saying makes you uncomfortable, then there’s no excuse. Not just does this show a absence of respect because that you, it’s a window into what’s on his mind. If he doesn’t respect your boundaries, I’d take into consideration that a huge red flag.


If you desire to save seeing him but want to discourage drunk texting then start by simply maintaining your cool.

Don’t respond until the next morning. Drunk texting usually happens pretty late at night anyway and also if she trying to get a point across, he’s not going come be really perceptive when he’s drunk the end of his mind.

There are a few ways to manage it. I’d speak something like…

I favor talking to you far better when she sober

In the cold light of morning he’ll usually gain that message loud and also clear.

If this doesn’t stop him–some guys can be slow-moving on the uptake–then make it a suggest not to respond come him because that a couple of days after the drunk texts. A many the time this deserve to be enough to curb the behaviour.

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And finally, nothing be fear to just straight increase tell the to prevent drunk text massage you. Sometimes the direct method is best. Together with any criticism, I’d introduce doing this in human so that you deserve to make your tone clear, specifically if this is someone you’re interested in seeing on an recurring basis.