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"Dab On them Haters" is one expression advising people to do a Dab dance move to quiet enemies and critics. The phrase was popularized digital after being adopted by YouTube celebrity Jake Paul.


In November 2015, American football player electronic came Newton speak at a press conference, whereby he claimed fans had motivated him to "Dab on them folks" throughout football games (shown below).


In at an early stage 2017, YouTuber Jake Paul started using the phrase "Dab on lock haters" once addressing pan in his videos, urging them to ignore criticism in life quests (shown below).

On July 27th, urban Dictionary<3> user kipper481 submitted an entry for "dab on lock haters," which cited Jake Paul"s vlog introductions in the description. On august 8th, YouTuber Jacksfilms post a video clip in which he reads various Twitter responses to the question "What if haters Dab back?" (shown below). Within 72 hours, the video clip gained over 1.6 million views and also 52,300 comments.

On august 10th, YouTuber warm Dad post a music video clip titled "I"m simply Gonna Dab ~ above the Haters," featuring YouTubers FrankJavCee and also Salvia Erik (shown below).




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