DTXDallas, Texas
DTXDiscontinuous Transmission
DTXDowntown cross (band)
DTXDocumented Tex
DTXDigital Transmission
DTXDirect Transmission
DTXDelta Tau Xi (fraternity in nationwide Lampoon"s "Animal House" movie)
DTXDigital Training practice (US Army)
DTXDeadly Tactix (gaming clan)

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Orexo signs partnership covenant with GAIA come develop and commercialize a brand-new digital treatment for the treatment of Opioid usage Disorder
"Our current investment and partnership through the dtx agency builds top top a series of strategic investments, including the acquisitions of Periscope and Ivie & Associates, and a controlling ownership interest in rise Interactive, which have all to be designed to advice our transformation, dtx, which was established by Tim Armstrong, formerly CEO of Oath and AOL and a an elderly leader in ~ Google, empowers consumers and also companies to construct direct relationships.

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Digital therapeutics, also called DTx, are remedies that market a therapeutic effect proven through durable clinical trials.
Five groups of maritime biotoxins space regulated in ~ the europe Union, i.e., okadaic acid team (OA), also known as the diarrheic shellfish poisons (DSPs), which includes the dinophysistoxin analogues (DTXs); azaspiracid group (AZAs), i m sorry can likewise cause diarrhoea; yessotoxin group (YTXs); domoic acid team (DA), likewise known together amnesic shellfish poisons (ASPs); and also saxitoxin team (STXs), likewise known together paralytic shellfish prisoner (PSPs) (EFSA, 2009).
Detection and Profiling of Diarrheic marine Biotoxins in Shellfish by mRNA analysis of Exposed Caco-2 Cells utilizing qRT-PCR and Multiplex Magnetic Bead-Based Assays
The MS made use of multiple reaction surveillance (MRM) and also positive electrospray ionisation (ESI+) for the following ADs: DC precursor m/z 183.16 > product m/z 166.15, GEM 264.26 > 112.06, MT 455.17 > 308.17, MITC 335.19 > 242.13, IRT 587.35 > 124.10, VNC 825.57 > 765.45, VNB 406.40 > 271.87, EPI 544.28 > 130.07, DXR 544.21 > 397.067, CP 261.19 > 106.01, IP 261.20 > 92.00, ETP 589.23 > 229.09, DTX 808.48 > 527.25, PTX 854.54 > 569.36, daunorubicin (IS) 528.26 > 321.12, TPT 422.33 > 377.19, MP 305.22 > 288.19, trophosphamide (IS) 323.21 > 154.02, cephalomannine (IS) 832.49 > 264.19, IDC 498.01 > 290.95, CTB 244.13 > 111.98, FTM 316.11 > 108.99.
Nab-PTX 100 mg/ prove superior activity to DTX in patients with metastatic chest cancer in a randomized step II psychological (CA024).
Diagnostic company UVision360 report on Tuesday the its dual indication device, the Luminelle DTx Hysteroscopy System, has passed us FDA 510(k) clearance for both hysteroscopy and cystoscopy.
We recently uncovered that the combination of docetaxel (DTX) and thalidomide (TDD) would be beneficial for cancer therapy.
Low density lipoprotein modification silica nanoparticles loaded with docetaxel and also thalidomide for efficient chemotherapy of liver cancer
Two events we leverage in the Pacific space a disaster Training exercise (DTX) and a biannual exercise referred to as Talisman Sabre.
The effectiveness of Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy with 5-Fluorouracil/Cisplatin and also Systemic Chemotherapy through Ramucirumab in Alpha-Fetoprotein-Producing Gastric Cancer through Multiple Liver Metastases
Recent studies in nanomedicine concluded the fullerenes, CNTs, and graphene have favorable properties because that the carriage, targeted, and also controlled delivery of chemotherapeutical drugs including taxol (paclitaxel), docetaxel (DTX), doxorubicin (DOX), and also others <22, 29, 31, 32, 44, 50-53>.
TV ostrich offers more than 65 channels such together C International, DreamWorks, DTX, ESPN and home-grown channels such as channels TV, TVC News and also NTA.

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