9 hours back FC.Short because that “full combo”. How does FC occupational in OSU?, It means Full Combo. Furthermore, how do I recognize if my OSU is a FC?, If you got to the end without absent or sliderbreaking, girlfriend fc‘d.It doesn’t matter if you see that symbol or not. 1-2 combo end hundreds or thousand+ does no matter since you to let go a sliderend.. Finally, do slider division count together FC?, basically anything …

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What Is Fc??: Osu What does Fc mean In Igbo? This Is Wat

5 hours earlier What is complete clear OSU? r/osugame. Osu! is a rhythm video game based top top the gameplay that a choice of renowned commercial rhythm gamings such as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Elite to win Agents. 238k. What is a complete combo OSU? full combo (or FC for short) is a term available to explain a player obtaining the maximum feasible combo ~ above a beatmap.

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What is FC?? : osugame reddit

Just currently It method Full Combo. To obtain one you need to pass the map without breaking the combo. Absent sliderticks on slider reasons combo break, also though it"s no an actual miss and you acquire 100" instead. Also leaving sliders too beforehand gives you 100"s and one combo less, however it"s agree for like 95% that community and we still call it FC, even though

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9 hours earlier what"s a fc? stupid question. Yeah. Yet actually no so stupid in mania. I"m a little bit of an success hunter and also this of course contains fc achievements. I understand that friend don"t require the maximum possible combo to acquire an really fc in mania. Right? at least i remember gaining the 2* fc medal without an actual max combo.

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5 hours back What is a full combo OSU? full combo (or FC because that short) is a term used to describe a player obtaining the maximum feasible combo ~ above a beatmap. Complete combos space scored by passing a beatmap with no misses, sliderbreaks, or reduce slider ends.

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What does FC really mean? (Black feet 110% FC) YouTube

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