The aim of this write-up is to discover out what the meaning of “Hit a lick” is and how you have the right to use it in a sentence. “Hit a lick” is miscellaneous that deserve to be supplied in our day-to-day vocabulary. Occasionally it can be ironic or factual, there room so countless instances of “Hit a lick” gift used. However first, let’s discover out what “Hit a lick” means.

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What walk “Hit a lick” mean?Where go “Hit a lick” originate from3 examples of exactly how to usage “Hit a lick” in a sentenceUsing “Hit a lick” come talk around your great fortune, particularly when it faces moneyUsing “Hit a lick” come announce a windfall of cash from a pre-planned instance such as a lottery.Using “Hit a lick” in a sentence for when you intend to engage in nefarious tasks for money

What go “Hit a lick” mean?

“Hit a lick” is an expression the a slang the is used when one gets a large sum the money via some nefarious or illegal activity. This might be stocking, gambling or robbing a bank. “Hit a lick” together an expression is typically associated with getting a taste for something in a quick amount the time, practically instantaneously. This could be prefer an ice cream cream or a lollipop. The phrase initially was used for robbing or hitting someone up through a large amount of money such together a liquor store or a medicine dealer, its meaning began to change to simply turning a fortune using as small effort together possible. This is possible via the stock sector or the lottery.

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Where walk “Hit a lick” originate from

As declared earlier, the phrase was very first used to explain the action a robber or thef would carry out to obtain a big sum the money, however it really has actually been changed into getting a large sum of money using minimal effort. This might mean via the lottery, the stock market or by gambling. “Hit a lick” is a expression that simply way gaining immediate gratification because that something, just as one would certainly a lollipop or an ice cream cream cone.

The earliest usage of a phrase akin to “hit a lick” is native the 1891 biking magazine referred to as Wheel and Cycling trade Review. In the magazine, the phrase had actually a much different meaning, which to be to provide something a tiny bit the a try. The expression was additionally recorded in the school Quarterly, an Illinois journal from 1920. In this journal, the expression is supplied to refer to a tiny shot at rejuvenation. Generally, this phrase and this circumstances is not as known as “hit a lick” however it can additionally be stated that “hit a lick” is rather nothing like “a hit and a lick” i m sorry was an additional phrase used during that time.

3 instances of just how to usage “Hit a lick” in a sentence

“Hit a lick” have the right to be utilised in various develops of casual sentences, alongside its countless variants. The is vital to keep in mind that these room slang words and at no time need to they ever be offered in expert contexts or in officially circumstances. This way at no suggest should you ever tell your exceptional or ceo that you room excited come “Hit a lick” on payday. Speak that could make they believe it is your intention to rob who of their pay check as soon as girlfriend clock off from work. This is absolutely something you carry out not want. Below are a 3 methods you can use “Hit a lick” in a sentence:

Using “Hit a lick” to talk about your good fortune, specifically when it deals with money

In the complying with instance, 2 friends are spending a pair days holiday in las Vegas. They decision to break-up up and hit the gambling floor separately. One girlfriend decides to play nickel slots while the various other plays blackjack. The blackjack player decides to leave the table and also he climate sees his girlfriend running approximately him, look at excited.

Friend One: Hey, girlfriend wouldn’t believe it. I just hit a lick play the slots. I swear i won almost two thousand dollars.Friend Two: two thousand dollars. Wow, it is crazy. You yes, really did hit a lick. I, ~ above the various other hand shed 200 play blackjack.

Using “Hit a lick” come announce a windfall of cash from a pre-planned case such as a lottery.

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John and his co-workers have made decision to pull your money with each other to play the lottery ticket. John walks into the lunch area top top a Monday money, after having checked the weekend numbers because that the lottery. His colleagues look on in anticipation, the stress is palpable.Colleague: So, exactly how did us do? Any an excellent news?

John: us didn’t carry out ok…His colleagues space rightly devastated.John: us didn’t do ok, we did extremely well. Us won, us hit a lick. 50 thousands to split 5 ways. It is 10 grand a piece.John’s colleagues room rightly pleased v themselves as they have just winner a vast some the money, thereby they “hit a lick”.

Using “Hit a lick” in a sentence for once you intended to interact in nefarious tasks for money

“I need to find $1000 in a day. I can’t think of any other way to get it.I heard, the liquor save keeps cash it rotates Wednesday before it it s okay picked up by the bank.If us go come the liquor save today, we can certainly hit a lick”