I proud myself top top shipping things with 2-day delivery. Mine item was an alleged to be delivered by 1/18 but it's already 1/22 and also the tracking quiet hasn't adjusted from pre-shipment. Is mine package lost? This was done through USPS' click-n-ship service where i pre-print my label and throw the parcel in the blue box. The seller currently wants a complete refund since he's reasoning i'm scamming him. To be I simply out the luck and losing my jacket for nothing? go grailed have any type of seller protection in this case?

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I purchase 2 items on eBay and also they to be stuck top top pre delivery for a an excellent while. I purchased my an initial item the 11th into the 12th, seller created the brand the 13th yet it to be MLK job so article was closed. I confirm the next day and also nothing. Waited another day and same thing. Contacted the seller and said have you shipped the article bc tracking hasn’t updated and also the seller stated yes, ns contacted USPS and also they said we have received nothing. So ns told him and also he assured me he shipped. Refreshed the USPS page and also it magically who went native preshipment in Cali come the item being in NY. Idk those going on ns still haven’t gotten the item. Ns think USPS is just fucking ago up or something

The only sure way to gain your USPS click and also ship parcel scanned for tracking is to take it it to the write-up office. Her package might have to let go the early stage scan native the USPS pick up guy. If the envelope or box you provided is inconsistent with the USPS business but postage is sufficient, it will be transport without being scanned because that tracking. I had a couple of overseas shipments yielded while the tracking still speak USPS awaiting item. You should ask the buyer to give it a couple of more days for delivery and also hope it's no lost.

Hey I know it's to be 3 months, yet what occurred at the end? I'm in a comparable situation wherein the seller sent out me the shipping info, but's it's to be 10 days and also it's tho in pre-shipment.

I’m the seller for this reason I had actually to swallow the ns lol. That sucked however even the insurance didn’t matter if the item never even reached any tracking scan

I guess your package is shed (or stolen) if it takes as well long. Pre-shipment details sent to usps, usps awaiting item (Reasons)


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