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District Ranger offices are open to the general public for in person transactions. Tonto Passes deserve to be purchased in ~ a district office or native a regional retailer.

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Cave Creek Ranger District40202 N. Cavern Creek Rd.Scottsdale, AZ 85262(480) 595-3300

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Prospecting, Mining, and also Searching for Treasure In Wilderness Areas

Activities such together prospecting and also treasure troving also occur in Wilderness locations of the Tonto national Forest. Some of these tasks are explained briefly below. For additional information on these activities including regulations and necessary permits, contact local the Forest service Office that administers the area the interest.


Prospecting is the gathering of information on mineral resources. Prospecting is permitted within a designated Wilderness Area, but an approved setup of work is required. No person have the right to acquire any kind of right of interest to mineral resources found by prospecting or other information-gathering activity. Exploit of mineral (except a tiny grab sample) is a type of mining, and also must comply v all connected laws and regulations; view "Mining" below. If the search is because that precious worked metal or other treasure, see "Treasure Trove Hunting" below.


Mining is any activity that attempts to extract mineral (which are an important and locatable) from their organic setting. No mining of any kind (whether because that recreation and/or profit) is permitted except through an approved an alert of will and/or plan of to work for task on a legal case with precious existing rights. Brand-new mining insurance claims can no much longer be filed top top designated Wilderness Areas. The Wilderness plot of 1964 enabled mining cases to it is in filed until January 1, 1984, at which time all Wilderness areas were closeup of the door to new mineral entry. Subsequently- designated Wilderness areas were closed come mineral entry upon enactment of the law developing them.

Gold Panning

This group includes panning, sluicing, or dredging wet or dry material. If any kind of mineral is extract by this activity (for recreation and/or profit), that is a type of mining; see "Mining" above. If mineral is not extracted, this activity would it is in a form of prospecting; view "Prospecting" above.

Metal Detecting

If the steel detector is used to search for and/or extract locatable minerals, the activity is taken into consideration either a form of prospecting or mining; view "Prospecting" and "Mining"above. If the search is for money (except current vintage coins), or precious operated metal, see "Treasure Trove Hunting" below. If the find is for recent vintage coins, no allow is essential so lengthy as over there is no far-ranging soil disturbance.

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Treasure Trove Hunting

A treasure trove is identified as money, gems, or precious operated metal (in the form of coins, plate, bullion, etc.) that unknown ownership. Not contained are recent vintage coins, locatable minerals, or archeological resources and also specimens. Searching for such treasure must be authorized through a permit. Applications for Treasure Trove Permits are evaluated top top a case-by-case basis; approval requires that proof of treasure is of such a character the a human being of ordinary prudence would certainly be justified in the expenditure that labor and funds, v a reasonable opportunity of success. Permits space issued for a specific number of days and the site is topic to inspection.