What walk Augustina mean?


together a name for girls is a Latin name, and the an interpretation of the name Augustina is "great, magnificent". Augustina is a variation of Augusta (Latin): feminine of August.STARTS/ENDS with Au-, -na

ASSOCIATED with great


VARIANTS Augustyna, Agustina, Agostina

RELATED forms VIA AUGUSTA Auguste, Augustia, Augustine, Augustyne, Austina, Austine, Austyna

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSAugustina Avah (A.A.), ..

How well-known is Augustina?

Augustina is a rather popular very first name for females (#2548 the end of 4276, top 60%) yet a rarely surname because that both adults and also children. (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Augustina was very first listed in 1890-1899 and reached that is apex location of #1271 in the U.S. In the 1920s, but is not found in the perform currently. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which variation is better?

Prominent variation forms of Augustina space Agustina, Augusta and Augustine. Other variants, prefer Austine, are rarely used. Consumption of these forms of Augustina got to its apex a century earlier (USAGE that 0.2%), however now, the variation Augusta has fallen the end of fashion.

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Similar Names

Recommended sound-alike names space Acquilina, Adesina, Aegina, Agilina, Agrafina, Agripina, Alastrina, Albertina, Allumina, Alsina, Alumina, Angelina▼, Angellina, Angusina, Aquilina, Aretina, Argentia, Argentina, Artina, Asusena, Audrina▼, Auina, Aurelina, Austin, Austyn▲, Austyne, Azusayna (see Azucena), Azusena, Celestina, Chastina, Christina▼, Chrystina, Cristina▼, Crystina, Destina, Ernestina, Eugina, Faustina, Giustina, Hristina, Hubertina, Hughina, Hugina, Jesstina, Jestina, Justina▼, Justyna, Khristina, Khrystina (see Khristina), Kristina▼, Krystina▼, Melusina, Miguelina, Modestina (see Modesty), Mussina, Quentina, Quintina, Selestina, Shastina, Silestina, Tristina and also Venusina (see Venus). This names tend to be less typically used than Augustina.