I’m writing our Christmas map newsletter and I can’t fit everything on one page. Is over there a good font that’s still readable to the grandparents yet condenses everything?

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Arial or Tahoma. Both a very square and also straight forward. So if they to be small, castle would most likely be simple to read.

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pdworkin Blasphemy!! http://www.swiss-miss.com/2009/09/arial-versus-helvetica.html

Gil Sans MT is a an excellent one, back a little squat. It along with most other Sans fonts accepts a fair bit of “squeezing” or narrowing.

Bell Centennial (not free, sorry) is readable in very small type, particularly the numbers.

There space several means to price this question because it relies on exactly what the applications is.

Two fonts presented with Microsoft Office 2007 space Calibri and also Corbel. Both that those work well in little size.

Also, you can take into consideration looking for the “narrow” or “condensed” variants of her favorite font.

And finally, if you want a bold and narrow font for titling purposes, girlfriend might take into consideration Impact.

There room literally 10s of thousands of various typefaces available. Save an eye out for extr suggestions, too.

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grumpyfish Cool!

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pdworkin: typography trolling?

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arial small is a huge space saver however can it is in very daunting to read at times

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Sevenet – max 7×7 pixels.


You may need to administer a magnifying glass to her GPs.

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< tangential >

pdworkin… why carry out you speak Helvetica is a “display font”? room you suggesting it to be designed because that the computer system screen specifically, like Arial?

Helvetica was initially created ago in 1958 prior to most computer font an innovation had been invented. And its major use for lot of the time is in physics print.

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If you desire to walk really small, then the Bee’s knees font can suit the bill. At just 3px in size and rely ~ above sub-pixel rendering, it’s around as little as you deserve to go.

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robmandu “Display Fonts”, in the context, describe fonts intended for posters, headings, placards and also other “large” displays.

E.g., ~ above this site: http://www.donblack.ca/Monotype/

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I would modify down your newsletter or include a page prior to using tiny or narrow text.

Good on you for reasoning ahead about readability because that older folks. I would not go listed below 12 allude text.

The typical convention because that readability is a serif font (like Times) for the human body of your text, and a sans-serif (like Arial and Helvetica) because that the headings.

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robmandu I choose it. /agree

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robmandu A male who to know fonts! be still my heart! i agree through your answers. You recognize your stuff.

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My optimal vote: Microsoft Himalaya for room saving and also legibility.

Also, French script MT is not poor for space, however not quite as legible

I came below looking for solution to the question posed, yet was dissatisfied with the suggestions provided, for my purposes. I’m putting recipes ~ above 5×8“cards, and also need both legibility and a great use of space.

I hope this help you. MS-Win 10, ms Word 2010

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