You don"t need to be a veterinarian to enjoy the fact shows on animal Planet, native the long-running series "Shark Week" come the well-known "Pitbulls and also Parolees;" the network offers a range of entertainment for those in all walks that life.

The "Pitbulls and Parolees" reality collection follows the everyday operations at the largest pit bull rescue basic in the country, Villalobos Rescue facility in brand-new Orleans, i beg your pardon was started by pet rescue hero Tia Maria Torres. The present involves the (sometimes startling and also sad) rescues the abused and neglected pit bulls. The feel-good piece is commonly watching these sweet pups get adopted and finding their forever residence (via small Things). 

In addition to rescuing dogs, Tia offers her facility to assistance the livelihood that parolees by way of employment and also volunteer positions, and using the present as a platform to rest the harsh stigmas surrounding pit bulls and parolees. As one of the top-rated shows on pet Planet, it"s no surprised that viewers become invested in the resides of the staff and also animals, and also Tias daughter Mariah is no exemption (per The Cinemaholic).

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The "Pitbulls and Parolees" audience was wooed as they watched Mariah loss head end heels for rescue volunteer, Marcel Cthulhu. Follow to The Cinemaholic, the couple shared a enthusiasm for rescuing dogs, which they regularly did together, and also as their love story unfolded, they recorded the hearts of viewers.

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Lock married in las Vegas in 2016 and also unfortunately for their fans, MarriedCeleb reports the the couple officially divorced in 2018, back they insurance claim to have been separated just a couple of short months after their nuptials.

TheCinemaholic reveals the Mariah, after being hassled on she social media accounts, declared the separation was caused by the couple"s realization the they wanted various things in life. The reality star currently shows up to it is in single, and her Instagram account expose she is quiet working through her family at the rescue center as well as starring in "Pitbulls and also Parolees."

Pitbull Puppies reports that Marcel is quiet a volunteer in ~ the Villalobos Rescue Center, but stated it"s difficult to gather any information ~ above him, together he leads a very private life and also holds no social media accounts.