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I was simply watching a present called Junkyard Empire and also I think I simply saw Tom Bostic functioning on a Star battles Speeder on that show.

you didnt know he was on the show? i think its favor on its 3rd season now. You gotta avoid working so hard bro hehehehe
Thomas Jefferson -"When federal government fears the people, over there is liberty. As soon as the human being fear the government, there is tyranny.""Those who hammer their firearms into plowshares will certainly plow for those who do not."

you didnt recognize he to be on the show? i think its prefer on its third season now. You gotta avoid working so hard bro hehehehe

lol , yes its me season 2 airs on Wednesday so they are playing last season to develop up some hype. Ns did acquire away with wearing an H&K shirt on the show a couple of times and this season ns made an MP5 layout paintball pistol to develop a minigun that sorts for the paintball tank episode. Type of a goofy show however the builds room fun, it makes it hard to keep up with conversions throughout the months we are filming however so far its functioned out. Thanks for checking it out!
TommyBuilt Tactical gmbh 07/ SOT for all her G36 and also UMP switch needs

You do understand he was also on Pimp my Ride, top top MTV means back when... Tom is no stranger to gift on TV. Also appeared on too much 4X4.
You have to see his red jeep! I provided to happen it by the dealership and always wanted to take it a ride in the thing. It"s a beast
I had actually no idea. Cool. Ns don"t have actually cable or antenna TV no longer (moved too far away for straightforward OTA setup) so i wouldn"t view those channels, however it provides me want to view what i can uncover on Amazon Prime.

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TommyBuilt Tactical llc 07/ SOT because that all your G36 and UMP switch needs
I gotta admit, I have actually a male crush ~ above Tbostic. Civilization think the work I carry out is cool, but there something about having the fabrication an abilities and field of expertise to work with various products that appears so cool.