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Emily is a board-certified scientific research editor who has operated with top digital publishing brands prefer Voices because that Biodiversity, Study.com, GoodTherapy, Vox, and Verywell.


Drunk chauffeurs kill hundreds of innocent people every year. reporting them come the police can just conserve someone's life.

When friend report someone that is control impaired, either by alcohol or drugs, try to carry out the law enforcement firm with together much details as possible: the color, make and also model that the vehicle and also the license plate number.

Don"t feel guilty about reporting a drunk driver. If you observed someone pointing a loaded gun at innocent people, you would not hesitate to report it. Over there is very little difference in between that situation and someone driving while impaired; it is potentially simply as dangerous.

What If the Drunk Driver You're Thinking about Reporting Is a girlfriend or Relative?

Should friend report the drunk driver if you understand the driver? What if a close loved one is about to acquire behind the wheel when intoxicated?

If you know the driver, the an initial course of action would be to shot to talk them out of steering or try to take their tricks away till they sober up.

However, if your family member refuses come cooperate and decides come drive regardless of your efforts, you must report them come the authorities simply as you would certainly report a stranger who was endangering the resides of innocent people.

You may challenge some fallout for reporting a relative's drunken driving, yet not reporting it puts their life and also the resides of rather in jeopardy. Just how would you feeling if your relative had actually a wreck and died? You would no doubt remorse not having reported them.

just how to Report a Drunk Driver

The quickest method to report a drunk driver is by phone call 9-1-1. In part jurisdictions, traffic violations, also aggressive or impaired driving, is not taken into consideration an emergency. In such cases, friend should speak to the non-emergency number for local law enforcement. You deserve to usually contact 4-1-1 to obtain the exactly number come call.

If you wish to report a drunk driver anonymously, many areas have "Crime Stoppers" or similar programs that will enable you to carry out so.

If you are driving and witness who driving impaired, you have the right to use her cell phone come report the driver.

Many highway patrol departments have your numbers posted along the highway, yet not every states have quick-dial numbers for legislation enforcement.

Highway Patrol Quick-Dial numbers by State

Here are the quick-dial numbers for each state in the U.S.:

Kansas: 911 (statewide) or cellphone-only: *HP (star 47) because that Salina, KS; *KTA (*482) because that Kansas Turnpike and for Wichita, KS

Louisiana: 911 or cellphone-only: *LHP (star 547) because that state; *27 (star 27) or 504-893-6250 for Lake Ponchartrain Causeway:

Ohio: 911 or 800-525-5555 (OHP) or 800-877-7PATROL (800-877-7728765 — come report non-emergency safety concerns) or 800-GRAB-DUI (800-4722-384 — to report erratic driving)

If you're using your cellphone come report drunk driving, be certain you adhere come the regional laws concerning driving and cellphone use.

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