Throughout time over there have always been words the come and go. Buzzwords which, for a minute in time, catch our interest and temporarily penetrate our vocabulary.

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Words favor “tight,” which ns pretty sure is play out and choose “awesome,” which is not the same stamp the approval it to be a pair of years ago.

But there are also phrases that stick and end increase holding a permanent place in our everyday vernacular. We’ve watched it v terms prefer “turnt,” and I don’t check out “lit” going far anytime soon.

They’re expressions that resonate beyond cultural boundaries and have a relatability that renders them last. I check out the very same for the phrase “ten toe down.”

I can not pinpoint once exactly, yet the expression of gift ten toes down or to it is in ten toe down has been inescapable. From an official challenge to songs swearing by the proclamation, being ten toes down is not only advertised as cool however as a character trait, one should shot to embody.

The urban Dictionary

defines it together being committed to miscellaneous — “to dedicate 100% the your assistance towards a thing — which, in an environment where self-deprecating vices room celebrated, is actually refreshing.”

Although largely used in rap, the idea of being ten toes under is in reality a lot more transferable 보다 it appears. It come off as this argorial you should ear and like this condition you have to strive come with how gritty that sounds and all, however it’s in reality something you have the right to do every day, in every element of your life.

Being ten toes under is about humility, toughness, and integrity. As soon as a ideal handle is gathered on these three values, the exaggeration of being ten toes under becomes much much more clear.



We obviously all (for the many part) have ten toes. So, the focus on them being down is nothing much more than a clever means of saying that you’re grounded — i m sorry is in reality harder 보다 you think.

Remembering whereby you come indigenous no matter how much you go, is something us all deserve to do a little better with, no matter how far you’ve gone or how close you’ve stayed.

When you’re grounded you know that that never simply you and also that follow me the way, the the little things the make it happen.

Forgetting this is detrimental because it makes you shed touch with, not only where you’re indigenous or how you’ve made it, but with yourself.

In everything, it is in ten toes down. Don’t get too high or as well low. As soon as we’re even-keeled, we have actually the levelheadedness to store performing in ~ a high level.



The factor why “ten toe down” has been so naturally embraced by the hip-hop neighborhood is that there’s a toughness that the comes through the phrase. Yes a sense of pride gift unmovable, which, as soon as you’re planted, you generally are.

Freight or flight is no only offered to define our actions when a during a dire situation yet is also applicable in dealing with everyday life.

There are situations in the workplace, in relationships, within, etc, where those two options present themselves. As soon as you’re ten toe down, you weather the storm as soon as needed, and also you nothing run.

Similarly, as soon as you’re ten toe down, and also when you was standing by your word, you going to evacuate the scene when it includes your involvement with something girlfriend don’t was standing for.

When friend prove you yourself to be someone who is unshakable in what you say and also mean, you’re not just tough, but you’re someone anyone will want on your side.



Most the all, being ten toes down embodies integrity. In ~ the end of the day, that all around being maybe to stand for your own words at all times, yet finding civilization like that is a rarity.

When you case to be ten toe down, she claiming the you’re reliable and that you vouch for her actions. A lot of human being only have actually nine toes under or one foot in and one foot out, but there are only a few who truly understand commitment, which is why the phrase has actually been so popular to champion.

Loyalty is a currency that will always hold value and also I think people are just beginning to see that. We all need to strive for integrity and also encourage it the end of one another. The phrase “ten toes down” is make honesty sexy again and it’s something it is been lengthy overdue.

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So, try and be ten toe down this day — every day, in fact. Once you are, friend will receive it back. It is just exactly how the universe works.