This quiz to be made for civilization in Daddy/Little Girl and also Daddy/Babygirl Relationships. That is made together a sister quiz to "What sort of small are you?" and also "What kind of Babygirl space you?" My daddy asked if there was one because that him and there wasn"t so i made one.

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Find out what kind of dad you space or what type of dad you have ♥ The first quiz ~ above this website made for Daddies by a Little. There space 5 types of Daddies listed, Dom Daddy, Cuddly Daddy, big Daddy, little Daddy and also Sadistic Daddy. It"s just for funny

Created by: DaddysKitt3n

What is your age? Under 18 year Old 18 to 24 year Old 25 come 30 year Old 31 come 40 year Old 41 come 50 year Old 51 come 60 year Old end 60 year OldWhat is your gender? masculine FemaleWhat is her favorite thing to perform with her Little/Babygirl? CUDDLE! Watch she play teach her something new give her advice punish herWhat execute you prefer to do as soon as you"re not with your Little/Babygirl? think about cuddling think of new games come play through her occupational think about what brand-new things come teach she think of new ways to punish herWhat is your favorite food to eat through your Little/Babygirl? whatever puts she in the mood come cuddle Take out her favorite her favorite miscellaneous newWhat is your favorite outfit to watch your Little/Babygirl in? she cuddliest jumper your shirt her favourite outfit other you pick together every little thing you decision she need to wearWhere is your favorite place to take her Little/Babygirl? almost everywhere as long as we can cuddle all over fun almost everywhere she desires to go everywhere educational come the Dungeon for punishmentWhat is your favorite point to watch v your Little/Babygirl? Something come cuddle up as well cartoons her an option something brand-new adult moviesWhich word carry out you think ideal describes your Little/Babygirl? Cuddly adorable Independant clever InnocentYou celebrate your Little/Babygirl"s birthday by cuddling she senseless taking her somewhere choose build-a-bear taking her all over she wants to go acquisition her what you have chosen buying brand-new whips to punish she withWhen she is scared you comfort her Little/Babygirl by cuddling she senseless beat a video game with her reading her favorite story speak to she cuffing herAt the finish of a lengthy day the point your Little/Babygirl walk to you re welcome you is operation to you and also give you a large cuddle plan an task for girlfriend both show you what she has learned that day everything you tell she to it is in on she hands and also knees gagged and also holding her cuffsHow do you present affection/approval for her Little/Babygirl? cuddle she senseless she has a sticker/stamp chart ns reward her yet she chooses I choose how and also when to reward she a spanking/whipping/flogging

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Quiz topic: What type of dad am I?

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